Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins Week 15 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jeffery Robertson

Washington Redskins beat Philadelphia Eagles 34 – 27 Battle of supermodel Washington Redskins was member NFC East Division from 1970 through 1993 and Philadelphia Eagles was member NFC East Division from 1970 through 1993 era Leeann Tweeden huge Washington Redskins fan from Manassas Virginia native and Abigail Ratchford huge Philadelphia Eagles fan from Scranton Pennsylvania native

Alejandro Navarro Rosales

Easy W for philly


    Alejandro Navarro Rosales almost lost to the 2-11 giants


Eagles win 24 – 15


Redskins 20-0 🙂

jake scott

PHI 26 WSH 15


Redskins haven’t been a pushover lately but I still think the Eagles get it done and then the NFC East will be decided in Philly next week.

Daniel Tayong

Eagles will win but it will be close

too many men on the field

Redskins about to take the NFC East because no other team wants it

Trill Ville 504

Skins playing upsets in these final games.

Justin Montervino

eagles win 26 to 13



ThatOneGuy 123

🚨UPSET ALERT🚨REDSKINS WIN!!! Washington is playing the best football in the NFC East right now. EAGLES SUCK!!!! Imagine needing a rallying come from behind overtime win against a 2 win historically bad Giants team lol. 22-15 Washington wins.

Patriots 4life

Eagles win 23-0

Mr Chris Carter FX

Eagles 2 – Redskins 0 it’ll be bad offense for both teams 😂😂

Bigmike ee

if skins played like they did against the packers the skins get a ez dub, they’re not scared of a struggling team that almost didn’t beat a 2-10 Team LMFAO) Skins 24 Eagles 14

Big Blue Squad

20-16 Redskins. Go Skins!



Theo Keith Jones

Phi….win… Baby… Number 7 wins

Mark Symbala

D.C. Red skins 2 eagles 1

Curtis 23

Redskins 20
Eagles 17

Win by field goal.

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