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Pete Carroll 2019 Season Recap | Seahawks Saturday Night

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks with Michelle Ludtka about the 2019 season and what he sees from his team moving forward.

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LiL Gamer

go Hawks!!

Mr Pringle

Love the Seahawks, here’s to another great season next year🍻

Colored Kid


Tuna Cat

We need to get off to better starts. These games are different if we have our healthy backs. Dam shame.

Tim Bartsch

Next Year is our year

Mark Brown

Petes short list for 2020:

1. Pickup (4) 320 lbs plus offensive Lineman
2. Keep All backs. Including Lynch.
3. “Creativity” Shottenheimers Offensive play calling is litte predictable.

4. Play in Superbowl


    No way!!! Keep ken norton. We just need corners again like sherman or browner the bruiser lol. Flowers is too small

    The Beast

    We need to release CJ Prosise. Dude has spent 96% of his time here in Seattle injured.


    Get Sherman back


    Why do you people want that has-been Lynch back so bad? He hardly did anything. Homer outplayed him, yet didn’t get the amount of touches he should have gotten.


    Fire ken Norton, dudes garbage. Schotty is too stale. And Brian Schneider is really bad too. Fix those 3 and this might be a superbowl contender for once

Sam Dath

I can’t wait for 2020 season go hawks

Eric Froshnider

I had gone through a lot by 2014 when l lived in Washington state and the Seahawks were there to lift me up and see me through that is why I will always be a fan and root for them.


I wish Kam Chancellor would become our defensive coordinator one day.

    Boxing 101

    Naaa he should come back and play instead!

Ethan's Tech World

I would actually compare this season to 2011. They came up short in the playoffs, but you could just see what the potential was and how dang amazing they would be. A young team, I just know a guy like DK is gonna be so freakin good next season, this season was just a prelude for that man.

Evance Polo

Pete Carrol doesn’t look a day over 20 ☠️ GO HAWKS! Next season we’ll be stronger

Hawks Fan

Great interview once again cuz. #GoHawks!!!

Josh Reynor

Thank you Pete!

    whatsyurprob ?

    You’re “Thanking” a guy who handed the NFC West Crown to the whiners on a golden platter, and then passed the buck, and LIED about it after the game. If you don’t think so, go watch the post game PC again.

    The NFL is no place for ‘TOLERANCE’.


    GO HAWKS!!!

emmit brown

Just say, thank you Russell for making me look somewhat competent.
Thanks for the delay of game, always starting slow, running 4-3 vs. 11 personnel, giving your kids and Schneider’s a job on staff, employing Ken Norton Jr., employing your Strength&conditioning coach, not playing Blair, signing FA OL players who are always hurt, never having a OL ranked higher than 19th in pass pro. Why protect your HOF QB? Why trust and put the game on Russ’s shoulders? Im done with you old man, go away and let RW3 get the rings he can carry us to. #FreeRussell


    emmit brown you’re semi correct but also spitting in the face of a legend. Slow your roll. Russell would have left if it was as big of an issue as you say.

Michelle Blount

Fix gaps in defense get Russell more weapons and lineman in draft and free agent

Richard Dow

Thanks Pete!!! 12’s love you and the Hawks!

VenomStone 1.0

DK Metcalf OROY



Jim Jim

The run defense needs work! It’ll be nice when everybody’s gets healthy. Can’t help but wonder if Marshawn will be there next year?

Jay Flores

The fact that we battled during the end of the season and post season with the injuries we had is very scary can’t wait for next season GO HAWKS UNFINISHED BUSINESS

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