Russell Wilson & KJ Wright Mic’d Up Divisional at Packers | Seahawks Saturday Night – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Russell Wilson & KJ Wright Mic’d Up Divisional at Packers | Seahawks Saturday Night

During the Seahawks Divisional playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers, linebacker KJ Wright and quarterback Russell Wilson are wired for sound.

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Tim Bartsch

Next Year is our year

Lil No No

It was a great season


next year wilson 2 super bowl

Who God Board

Should of won but good game

    Tim Bartsch

    Green Bay always had our number at Lambeu

    Tim Bartsch

    @A Fucking Bird
    I hope your right about that

Sam Dath

2020 is our year go hawks


I wish they had more time that game. And if rodgers didnt keep kneeing, and if we got the ball for just one more drive. We couldve gotten a td in that 40 seconds. Imagine tyler on the left going for a hail mary then slanting right, dk doing the same but on the right and slanting left. The two of them surely one of em couldve caught it.

Marcelo C

Wilson is incredible even in the sideline


Amazing season, we got so far even tho we had so many things going against us and nobody believing in us. But hey, we are used to it! 2020 is gonna be an amazing season GO HAWKS!!!

Ps: greetings from Barcelona 12s!

David Zakaryan

Oosh oosh oosh oosh

Richard Dow

I am just glad I got to see The Beast shake hands again. Lost too much identity with starting injuries to C, LG, 2 TE’s, 3 RB’s, our LT rushing back from surgery and Josh on exempt list. And that just Offense. Month and half ago, 2 months back the Hawks were running downhill at teams. 2019 was a Very Good year, there was a very good team on the field for a bit. Thanks for 2019!!! Best wishes for everyone in 2020!

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