Patrick Mohames’ Amazing Performance in AFC Championship | Baldy Breakdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Chris Kilts

I appreciate every moment he is out there playing.

    David Eutsler

    @Susan Maggiora I felt the same as you!!

    Chris Kilts

    Susan Maggiora it’s feels fantastic to have our own quarterback to root for. So many years of older QBs that other teams drafted. Even better that he is the best player in the NFL and one really great person.

    Harry Mills

    @Susan Maggiora : Lenny was more comparable to Mahomes before his championship season. Decided not to get the ACL surgery, so he could still come back for the playoffs, and he could still ball, but he wasn’t the same as he was before the knee. Kind of like how Elway was great for years, but lost a lot off his arm and his legs, before he won it all. Mahomes is a young guy, AND he’s got the team. But the SF D is going to test them, big time.

    Susan Maggiora

    Harry Mills I only mentioned Dawson because he was the only thing KC ever had & I was too young to remember him.

Rejean Flags

This is an awesome analysis

Theo Lee

Outstanding explained very well about that 🔫 gunslinger😁👍

Jake Minder

Ah yes my favorite QB. Patrick Mohames

    Tucker Films

    Jake Minder I should’ve known other people would’ve noticed


Future G.O.A.T

    Can I get to 1,000,000 Subscribers for nothin?

    He already is



Pervis McGervis

Guys I really really love this team

Steven Parks

Love their analysis of the K C CHIEFS AND THERE LOYAL KINGDOM


I know the season is almost over, but please more of these! So fun to rewind and watch the play develop over and over again from these great angles.

J Regan

Mohames? LOL C’mon Chiefs. You’re better than that!


Mahomes’ and the Chiefs RULE !!! Chiefs will kill in the Super Bowl…

Rob First

Nobody and I mean nobody breaks down film like Baldy..

    Derek Mathews

    Rob First, he did a good job doing it.

    John Carter


Jerry Novak

Feels good to say footballs not over. #ChiefsKingdom #MiamiBound


Chiefs kingdom BABY!! SUPER BOWL!

Yotahead 420

We are blessed to have Mahomes on our team 👍


The internet has told me that Kelce isn’t a good blocking tight end. You might trigger folks showing a good Kelce block.

Alberto Flowers

Been a fan since 93 when Montana got sent to KC. I’m from California but my heart bleeds kc red.

    James Johnson

    Yes ur right when 49ers let go Montana that was messed up but good for us Montana started it i left the rams and went to kc we are going to beat the 49ers Patrick watch ur360 and throw it or run it at24 u got Patrick ur dad showed u how to do it go go go cheifs

    Gassy Jalapeño

    Yup. Same here. Was like 9 years old. Was very upset with the Niners.

Turd Ferguson

I don’t know who Patrick *Mohames* is, but he sounds amazing

Shari Todd

Lovve your analysis and insights into the plays and how they unfold!

Gassy Jalapeño

I love these breakdowns more than any. Watching on tv you don’t get to see what the defense is running and you dont you get to see the routes develop. Love it. Will the nfl show these camera angles for the Super Bowl? Maybe on nfl or fox app. The

Jonah Salem

That is legit straight proof that Patrick Mahomes is the best QB in the NFL

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