Patrick Graham on Giants Defensive Philosophy | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Patrick Graham on Giants Defensive Philosophy | New York Giants

Assistant head coach/defensive coordinator Patrick Graham talks about the thinking behind his scheme and Ivy League connection to offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

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New York Giants Reply

Thanks for watching! Subscribe now for more Giants content!

Bob Hill Reply

Love these interviews.

NY Land Reply

Glad to have him back. He did a good job being our DL coach in 2016 when we had a top 5 run defense with All-pro Snacks. We only had 35 sacks in 2016, it was mainly great run defense with getting pressure on the QB, & a dominant secondary with 3 all pros. This is why I’m excited because of all the talent we have on our interior DL & secondary. We had more sacks in 2019 then in 2016 so hopefully reach over 40 sacks this year.

Eury Andeliz Reply

This defense is gonna play Chess, Not Checkers!

Julio Calderon Reply

Love that hat !!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 hopeful our defense turn into top 10 n force lots turnover !!! Let’s get #5 sb

Issapapiii_ Reply

This first dude was mad annoying.. he says “You didn’t play much for Yale but you did go to Yale right”? and the pat says”yea of course no question” and then like a D head this guy goes “ but you went to classes though at Yale right”? like no sh** he just said yes…

Efistofélico Reply

This guy is extremely smart…we are lucky to have him. Thank you Patrick!!

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