Jason Garrett on Development of Daniel Jones | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jason Garrett on Development of Daniel Jones | New York Giants

Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett talks about his unit's performance so far at training camp, including last week's scrimmage.

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New York Giants Reply

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Yelo_ Hyper Reply

I’m the Daniel Jones guy

Thomas Latimer Reply

We expect good things from you coach glad your back I know you want to be a HC again sometime but hope your here for a bit it’s nice not hating you!

NY Land Reply

His smile tells it all, he’s very happy. I bet it feels like a breath of fresh air. Can’t wait to see our new O’line with all of our players back to full health and Danny Dimes improvement.

    William Pendzuk Reply

    IMAGINE having Jerry looking over your shoulder every second of every day.

    Jonny V Reply

    William Pendzuk I was just thinking this, I can’t even imagine being Cowboys coach knowing that man is constantly breathing down your neck everyday

Om Mistry Reply

This man always has a smile on his face he loves to be a New York Football Giant

William Pendzuk Reply

DJ may get 2 SBs with this talented team before Haskins even sniffs the playoffs. #aBOOM

Befi Reply

The first interview of him smiling constantly was kind of weird to me like someone held a gun to his head off-screen and told him to be happy or else but now it just seems like he’s genuinely happy which is fantastic. Super excited to see the Giants surprise this year.

    Honu's Mom Reply

    That’s a very good analogy. He was smiling so hard the first time he forgot to blink. 😆

beyallluv Reply

He looks younger and much happier with Big blue 😆

    TheRoseline312 Reply

    he looks extremely HAPPY

Arp Laszlo Reply

Is it me or does Garrett seem super happy to be a Jint? I know he & his fam grew up as Giants fans but he seemed crazy happy to talk today.


I can’t tell if he’s smiling because he’s loves being a giant or he’s acting like he’s in a head coach interview everytime

Drew B Reply

he is a class act, proud of you JG how you handled the Dallas to NY thing

KidBlueRB27 Reply

It’s okay to cough Jason, really man lol 😂😂

    TheRoseline312 Reply

    you’re too funny 😂😂😂

    KidBlueRB27 Reply

    @TheRoseline312 this man was holding in a cough and needed to clear his throat the whole interview 😂😂😂


How many coaches do we have with a southern accent. Coaches that look at football as a religion is needed for the G men

Julio Calderon Reply

I’m sure Jason feel so refreshing n happy be a giants coach just like his dad…. hopefully he do some good n help lead to playoffs

TheRoseline312 Reply

5:46 I’m sorry… I started laughing because his smile, slowly changed the more the reporter started asking him to talk about his past in Dallas 😂😂💙💙💪💪💪🏈🏈🏈 HIS ANSWER WAS CLASSIC !!! LOVE IT

    OBI-WANT3D Reply

    He’s malding every time someone asks him about Dallas 🤣🤣🤣

Baddog Sports Reply

Dak Prescott disliked this. Garrett was a GREAT hire for The Giants!

Efistofélico Reply

Great coach, great human being, Jason is a blessing in Joe’s staff! Lucky to have him. Thank you COACH JASON GARRETT

Scruff D0g Reply

Garrett was a good offensive coach for Dallas, always had a great O-Line and Running Game. I am very excited to see his offense.

Honu's Mom Reply

Yay he had good things to say about my favorite G Engram. He also seemed genuinely happy this time. Except with the gossip question. And he’s always positive. Great teaching strength

Lil Perry Reply

He took that smile off his face when they brung Dallas up😂😂

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