Pat Shurmur: ‘[It was] very important to go to an organization that has winning in their DNA’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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The cops

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    Fred Harvey

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Broncos fans wya??


Henry Ruggs

    Max Power


Mike Williams

Not gonna lie, I don’t really like his tone about competing to be #1 in the west, he sounds too nonchalant about going head to head with KC and even his opening joke at the presser rubbed me the wrong way, I’m very skeptical of this guy


    Same 👌🏻

    Mike Williams

    @Flippant Booch who’s the last player/coach that came here just to play the chiefs twice a yr? No one, like every other team, I feel everyone just sees the chiefs as an obstacle(if not the toughest challenge) to get to where everyone wants to go, joining the Broncos to play KC 2x doesn’t make sense

    D K

    He’s an odd individual, but that can translate to greatness. I’m optimistic

    Mike Williams

    @D K I hope so

    wassup 12

    That’s just his personality, he’s literally been like that his whole career in the NFL and you have to understand he’s dealt with the media for almost 20 years so he’s obviously is going to be calm and boring to listen to😂

Max Power

shurmur trying to take his wedding ring off at 3:28 lmao

dude’s ready to risk it all. can’t say i blame him!


I have total confidence in the coaching staff. We will get back to the promise land Broncos Country!

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