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Orion Lucero



Very excited for the future

Jamie Forsythe

Hopefully Broncos make playoffs this year and I know for sure offense is going to improve

    Jerome Schulze

    We not

    Helen Calhoun

    @Jerome Schulze They will this team is certainly on the rise and it’s evident


Excellent hire… here is a guy who will run the ball on 3 & 1 & get a 1st down & NOT give ball back to other team B4 half & at end of game to lose in final seconds 7/16 chances… with 4 definite losses by this mistake


    wassup 12 The best part is at 1:09 when he predicts that the coach and city is going to hate him when his shitty offensive plan doesn’t score any points. He’s terrified of failing for another couple of years and getting fired again. It’s inevitable. What a fucking waste of Drew Locks 1st couple of years.

    wassup 12

    @OnYourKillList There you go again, saying things that makes no freaking sense. And at 1:09 it was obviously a freaking joke, 😂😂 just stop the more you comment the more stupid you sound


    wassup 12 It was a result of shitting up a storm and getting run out of NY. Was no joke, he just is preparing himself for failure again

    wassup 12

    @OnYourKillList 😂 omg I just listed all the reasons why that giants offense was not good and you still want to pin it on pat schurmer, just pathetic and do you know what’s crazier, the giants offense was actually better than ours last season but your too ignorant to understand that


    wassup 12 when our QB gets killed every game and we lead the league in holding calls. Come talk to me.

CA Sports

Can’t wait

    Future Echo

    Ok don’t contain your enthusiasm for the next 6 months and we’ll be going to the SB every day 😁

Shawn Edmond

I see you Coach Vic fangio Great pick UP.LET’S Go broncos COUNTRY 🐎🐎🏈🏈


Henry Ruggs Stretch the field

    Sean Cunningham

    Andrew Jeck that’s what I’m saying man. Jalen Reagor out of TCU is such an eye popping prospect with our first 2nd round pick. We could honestly go corner or tackle if Tristan Wirfs is still on the board at 15

    Javauhnie Grady

    @dreadheadmarlee25 yea and if we can’t get one of them then Laviska Shenault


    Javauhnie Grady not at pick 15 I wouldn’t take shenault. If they wanna move back and get some extra draft capital and get shenault then I’m good with that, but shenault in most mocks is slated between 22-28 so I’d wanna move back and pick up a extra 3rd and still get him.

    Future Echo

    @dreadheadmarlee25 excuse me but with 12 draft picks we’ll be moving up more likely than down.


    Future Echo maybe or maybe not. Your acting like there all premium first 3 round picks. The broncos could move up or down of stay put. Having a ton of picks in rounds 5-7 doesn’t mean anybody is more likely to move up, especially in the first round

Clinton Reisig

I want aggressive, unpredictable, and fun offense.

    StrayCO 303720

    Yeah that is the hope. Hopefully he has some of that Andy Reid creativity. He did learn under him.


    Like 2013

    Hotshot 14380

    Lol, as I giants fan I wouldn’t expect that. He is dead opposite of that lmao.

Mile High Truth

I hope were not doing this again next year….


$85M in cap
12 draft picks
Callahan, Bausby, and Chubb healthy
Drew Lock starting from the jump
Defense familiar with Fangio’s system


    I wouldn’t bet on Callahan being healthy.

    Javauhnie Grady

    @Treisakillayou sound very should check your facts bruh

    No name

    @Javauhnie Grady bro In DENVER you’ll never here bronco [nation] Its BRONCOSCOUNTRY that’s not a grammatical correction it’s a terminology correction, no harm done just get it right, that’s all

    Taylor Rhodes

    Javauhnie Grady it’s Broncos Country buddy

    Javauhnie Grady

    @No name i understand what yall saying but I’m a fan not from Denver…I say Nation for all the favorite teams but here everyone wants to be terminologically correct when it doesn’t even matter because the Broncos are back on the up side

Muz Kamal26

This is a great hire for u broncos fan and this is coming from a giants fan,People may not like pat because of his history with the giants as our headcoach,but pat is an amazing oc ,Good luck #wish u the best pat

    Tam Almeda

    Thanks, man! You too. Hope you guys turn things around this coming season.

    Muz Kamal26

    Tam Almeda hopefully


    Honestly, I didn’t like his offense. It was a mixed bag. Would show some great creativity and then had some horrible scheme designs where the play had no chance. Ran Barkley up the middle into a wall and never utilized him in the passing game. His offense is also a bit simple. Mostly shallow crossers and dig routes. He never throws the ball downfield and probably still won’t even with a quarterback with a canon for an arm over there in denver.

Kevin Wu Films

I think the options during the draft are draft an o-Lineman, or draft Henry Ruggs, Jerry Jeudy or Javon Kinlaw. Trade back is also a possibility as well as trading up from the second into the first round.


I’ll be happy if they attack at all instead of the stagnant offense they had last season.

    Sinistav TnT

    @Opethian bust… is exactly what he was… a statue. In the pocket.

    Michael Smith

    @Opethian I feel like Flacco’s has been overrated even as a raven…

Richard Maki

True orange n blue no bs good choice jon n vic

Ed McCaffrey

attacking downfield is a great idea, got the QB and recievers, now you need an offensive line that can provide the time and protect the Lock!

    Dion Rodriguez

    Ed McCaffrey as of right now we have one… receiver… the others are on the milk carton Tim Patrick may or may not be missing but it just Sutton right now.


Did you notice coaches reaction when the reporter asked about wide receiver. CeeDee Lamb would be an incredible addition to this offense.

    Aaron Weaver

    Henry ruggs is better


    @Aaron Weaver Ruggs won’t be there at 15..Lamb may be.

    Aaron Weaver

    @Okram not if we move up. We got 12 picks


    @Aaron Weaver understand that but Denver is not going to mortgage the future to move into the top five to get a wide receiver. This is the deepest wide receiver draft in years…. and they’re saying there’s a good possibility Lamb maybe either at 15. We’re all fixing to find out.


Is it September yet?

Future Echo

I see the Broncos winning the SB. Or maybe it was something in my eye.

    Jerome Schulze

    Lmao no!!/vegas hates denver.. You saw vegas liked chiefs..

    Future Echo

    @Jerome Schulze no I think it was a case of hindsight. looking back I can see clearly now with 20/20 vision. The trouble with that is it’s always 20 past 8 the way I see things😜

    MaNy SkItTliES

    Nah probably the playoffs

Binx Negale

I love to see more offensive big plays this coming season. Let’s Get it Broncos!! #broncoscountry

Manuel Gonzalez

Thank God we got an OC with experience. Hiring Rich might’ve turned out okay, but the expectations to have a first OC launch our offense to an elite level in his first year was outlandish.

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