Parris Campbell Gives Tour of COVID-19 Safety Procedures At Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Fletcher Russell

Well managed no wonder many of the Indy players are happy it’s cause there well managed by the all the colts staff 🔵⚪️


Why is drafting high character guys so important? This. Every guy on this team is mature and puts the teams needs first to play football. I believe the Colts will be at an advantage this season due to this.

Call Me Yung

Excellent!!! Very classy organization, I’m so proud to be a colts fan!! Pumped for the season and hopefully everyone stays healthy.


This is all pointless like the defensive lineman and offensive lineman have to touch each other so do the DB and WR or TE like this is all pointless to do

    Jordan Canida

    I mean look at the NBA no cases since the bubble and look at Professional wrestling as well I think it will be okay

    Jordan Canida

    Well the traveling might be a problem

Chris Corona


Corbin Adams

Glad to see the Colts organization is taking the necessary steps. Shout out to all the team personnel who are working their asses off to make this happen.


I’m going to be filling my paint gun with hand sanitizer now just for fun

steven vicario

Never felt Paris wanted to be a Coly besides that he’s a bust

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