Gardner Minshew II Meets with the Media After Return to Active Roster – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Noah Shurtleff

Look at minshew man, so inspirational❤️

    jaye keeling

    My typa comment

    Julian Alvarez

    I made that comment first just didn’t have my computer on


fire todd wash


21-22 NFL mvp


Is there any way we can make the camera quality worse?


    Go to settings and put video quality on 144p

Heat Nation

minshew mania

Savage Jaguar

Hopefully Minshew delivers his magic on the field.

Randell Graham

Overlooked, underrated, snubbed, should have been ROTY, make em regret doubting you!

SpurVille 17

The Man 🐐

Jon Vickery

Any way we could film this on something better than an iPhone 3g?

Sean Douris

This is like one pixel away from AM radio.


God I love this kid

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