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Paolo Rodriguez Casta–eda

I almost had a heart attack there but we survived

    thunder the wolf

    @Keenan Brown screw off, we get it you don’t like the Packers, no need to bash them like that

    Johnny Morphine

    Paolo Rodriguez Casta–eda me too.

    Sachin Nair

    This goes for both teams lol, one trying to get a higher playoff seed, one trying to get a higher draft pick


    didnt know you were playing on the field

    A & J Productions

    You have to admit the first touchdown for the packers was a false start

Escocivo 30

Packers give me a heart attack! Better not do this in the playoffs

    L B

    @JASN 1 because they arent owned by tHe NFL……lmao

    L B

    @Kitty Man looks like your a loser in every round, lmao

    L B

    @Justin Credible THE PATRIOTS LOST TO THE DOLPHINS, WHERE IS THEIR CRITICISM, lmao….lmfao…people are jealous of tge PACKERS because the NFL doesnt own them…the fans own them…..look it up , tgey have the strongest and largest fan base in the country!!!

    Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan.

    Escocivo 30. I read your channel bio. It’s sad so I subbed


    They probably won’t. They most likely going to get New Orleans. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Packers just get destroyed and are one and done (this is from a Packers fan).

Josue Tejada

Doctor: He’s gone
Mom: How did it happen?
Doctor: Had a lot of anxiety watching the Packers play

    James Watschke

    Perhaps you missed the Final Score??
    Pack Beats Vikings in 2nd Half!
    Pack Beats Lions in 2nd Half!
    And everyone was saying how the Packers were only a First Half Team!???
    It’s not over til the Fat Lady Sings!!
    GO PACK GO!!! 👍😁

    Uxuxu Vividly

    Well it doesn’t get boring and you gotta admit that it’s kinda fun seeing them win in the last few seconds 😁

    Sandra Robert

    Josue Tejada GO PACKERS!!!!!

    Robert Jones

    Josue Tejada I’m a 🦁 fan I have been there 😂 😂 😂 go lions

    Christopher Lytle

    Josue Tejada I was at this game and I was so scared we wouldn’t win

Ci899012 V2

The Packers has made my life span shorter for the past few years now. 😂

    markus hall

    It’s like Rodgers enjoys playing with us emotionally lol

    chris .x09

    @Kerry Smith 😬😬shii bro i respect the loyalty


    JASN 1 better conference record 😌


    @Random Guy I hear you I really wanted them to win the division so badly in 2016 but Arron Rodgers just had to be a hog.

Quiroz Broz

“Winning ugly all the way to the SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!”

    Eddie Herrera

    Its Ethier the packers, Seahawks,49ers that are gonna beat the eagles

    Mr. GOAT!!

    @Eddie Herrera I wouldn’t bet on em lol🤷🏾‍♂️

    Eddie Herrera

    @Mr. GOAT!! ?? The eagles dont have the talent to beat those teams

    Mr. GOAT!!

    @Eddie Herrera Uhmm who said anything about the Eagles my guy???🤔

    Marsha Eafen

    Bet ta know it

Enrique I

Now you’re going to say packers were helped by refs lol!
Go pack go!


    Lol stfu y’all struggled against the lions have fun getting smacked in the playoffs

    Boss Burrito

    Donald Trump Jr. X the patriots games wasn’t ref all though. They lost to the dolphins. Ref all or not a decent team should beat the dolphins

    Slim Brady

    @Sneaker Stalkers In real time it looked a worse than it actually was but you can’t really fault the ref for throwing the flag there, they don’t have built in slow mo replay. Besides, that’s only 15 yards, the Lions still let them drive down field into field goal range.

    Slim Brady

    @OurLarry Oh shut the Hell up. It was split second early, not even the commentators noticed it. They weren’t helped to win, the refs didn’t make the Lions blow coverage on that play nor did they make them fall asleep in the 2nd half. There’s missed calls in every game, that’s just the nature of such a chaotic sport. That one missed call didn’t cost the Lions that game. Hold the L.

    Invited Man

    Enrique I who said we were gonna say you were helped by refs?

Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

That was scary seeing Jones go down
Thought he couldn’t move his arm for a second !

    Korn Dawggy

    Wouldn’t have been scary if the whole team would play.

    Pho Dude offical

    Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality Wait jones got hurt


    Pho Dude offical He’s playing but he hurt his hand

    Pho Dude offical

    XxNoobMaster69xX Oh god bless and thx

Jose Guzman

Alexander’s pass interference was the play of the game he saved a touchdown crucial play !!

    Slim Brady

    It was a heads up play but it’s hard to give play of the game for something like that because he wouldn’t have needed to tackle him if he didn’t screw up to begin with.

    Slim Brady

    @David Tristan That’s literally getting beat. If you slip up in coverage, you got beat.


    Yeap, I’d done the same thing… No touchdowns!!! GoPack#

    R HHH


Jesse Grajeda

Packers offense need to get it together fr fr


    Jesse Grajeda it’s just urgency tbh


    They haven’t played a full game this entire season. I don’t think it’s gonna change in the off-season either. Our D needs to pull through if we want to win, cause our offense is super unreliable.


    xenteko You should have a lot more faith than that


    @talktozay I have faith in our offense when the gears start turning. There’s not many teams that can stop our offense when we’re at full steam, but there’s been way too many times where it takes a quarter to get there or we run out of gas in the 4th.

    David Batista

    Aaron was awful

Ali Alshami

The point is to lead on the fans, and then tank for number two pick

    The Philosophical Phil Swift

    Thank you for clearing that up

The Real KEN

Detroit can’t close a game to save their lives smh

    Aiden Haynes you

    Jayden Rhon

    Eddie Herrera

    @Branded McGowan I’m not a packers fan I just respect the packers, look at my profile picture

    Branded McGowan

    @Eddie Herrera oh my bad… I like the Cowboys as well lol i like the two Southern NFC teams with the best logos (fleur de lis and star). I’m not watching another Cowboys game if hand clappin puppet is the head coach (assistant coach i might add since “jerrah” is running things) much rather watch the Saints and go all the way to Miami.


    Kids Nation “refs” lol

    Eddie Herrera

    @Aaron Seidl refs are too much of an excuse


This is almost the exact same game from last time its scary

Aizad Bilal

Aaron Rodgers realized we needed to win in the 2nd half 😂

    Jr Varela

    Aizad Bilal Detroit realized that they need to tank

    Woozy Swoozy

    He woke up, lol

    Jonathan Rangel

    That last quick throw he did to Jones had me sittin there like “where the hell was that the whole past game” lmao

    Sandra Robert

    Aizad Bilal BAD BOY OF FOOTBALL!!!!

    Aj Socool

    Jr Varela exactly

Emre Veliu

As a packer fan, they almost gave me a panic attack. Then again, they’ve always given me anxiety. I hate watching them play sometimes 🤣

    Stefan Radev

    Good old “here, you can win this- no, no, it’s your win”

    John50 Beach

    Yeah same. I keep hearing how amazing Aaron Rodgers is, but I swear every time I’m rooting for them, it seems like the other quarterback is completing way more often lol

    Jake Jensen

    Emre Veliu I watched this with my dad and he was sooooooooo mad bruh


    I hate watching them play all the time, that’s why I stopped watching them play.

    Eddie Herrera

    @Jake Jensen is your dad a lions fan?

Fingering Things

It feels like the Lions have blown a lead in pretty much every game this season

    Eddie Herrera

    Yall still complain about the refs just admitted the packers are better than yall

    Tom Roca

    Eddie Herrera sure they’re better but still just barely managed to beat us…

    Eddie Herrera

    @Tom Roca bruh they beat yall both
    times , you mad cuz the lions didn’t win

    Tom Roca

    Eddie Herrera I’m not mad at all but you’re making it sound like it was a blowout win both times when Green Bay had to do late game comebacks in both games to win

    Aj Socool

    Tyler actually 12 we won 3 times

Deangelo Hansel

Imagine how good The Packers would be if every down was in under 2 minutes in the fourth quarter.

    Jon Hohensee

    @Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan. – Ha! Good one! 😄

    Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan.

    @Jon Hohensee I know It’s good. Lol. To bad I’m not joking

    Jon Hohensee

    @xenteko – 28 incompletions. That is NOT good.

    Jon Hohensee

    @Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan. – Are you used to guessing wrong? Hope so.

    Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan.

    @Jon Hohensee nope but I’m great at being right when it comes to this stuff


It’s amazing how bad my Packers are when they’re bad but they’re still good enough to win most of their games.

    New Orleans Saints

    HitchensImmortal well I mean y’all did play the lions.

    Matthew Gilfus

    Made me feel like we were putting up a dogshit game like the one vs the Chargers for a while.


    The Packers get 14 helping hands each game. Makes life easier. They also lucked out playing the raiders w/o Jacobs, Chiefs w/o Mahomes, and Vikings w/o Cook

    Fernando Lopez

    Bearssuperfan Jacobs played the game against the Packers, he had 124 rush yards that game, also Matt Moore played very well in place of Mahomes and beat Minnesota, also Packers beat Minnesota with and without Cook and the 3rd stringer in Minnesota just had a phenomenal week, Cook would not have made enough of a difference that week for the Vikings to win. Invalid comment.


    Bearssuperfan The Jacobs injury happened in real time and he played well. The real momentum changer was the touchback caused by a Derek Carr fumble. The Vikings had Cook in the first meeting and still lost. Both games were won because the Packers wore the Vikings down on both sides of the ball. The only real question mark would be Mahomes.

Tiger Hoods

Aaron Jones is the best player on the packers in 2019


    @Jon Hohensee Stats don’t mean anything if you lose against teams like the 49ers and Chargers. What matters is consistency which the Packers haven’t had this whole season.

    They are paper tigers and will get exposed on the first play off game. You better pray it’s not the Saints because they’re just going to steam roll them at home because the Saints are a more well rounded team.

    The O-line only has two good players Adams and Jones. Every one else can’t catch a ball to save their lives. Doesn’t help that every other play is a deep pass.

    Jon Hohensee

    @Carlos Vazquez -???

    Jon Hohensee

    @Saul Cardenas – Yesterday he sure wasn’t.

    Jon Hohensee

    @Josh350 – How does that cause him to overthrow? You’re nuts.

    Jon Hohensee

    @Josh350 – Why are you talking to me about stats? Go away.

Brian S

“We’ll get em’ next year”!

-Lions since 1958

    first/m /last

    Brian S they won’t do squat.

    pimpin magician of prophecy


    miguel ledezma

    Dont know how shitty teams have fans

    Aj Socool

    Mark Jefferson yes

    Deif Lopez

    @David Lazic Let me guess, your team isn’t in the playoffs? 🤣

triple 0verkillZ

That play with Alexanders pass interference was play of the game lmao

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