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Larry Legend is a GOAT

Best player on a losing team this season

    I’m goated

    Larry Legend is a GOAT is that not what Larry was for a long time

Sam S.

Where are all the “He won’t be an every down RB” morons at?


    Under a rock

    Anoop Pillai

    @Sam S. I have been watching him sibce the Rose Bowl. He was maybe 195 lbs or so in 2015 and bulked up a bit in 2016.
    His rookie season was sub-par as per his standards. He came into the league not heavier than 200 lbs but more importantly, he was going down to arm tackles all the time in his first year. He wasn’t a true NFL RB then.
    He made the adjustments and stepped up big time in the second year. Might have lost some straight line speed but is a complete back now, compared to just being a receiving one in his rookie season.
    Now of course, he is in his (almost) final form.

    Sam S.

    Anoop Pillai he weighed in at 205 at the combine. Him having a subpar rookie season rushing the ball was due to splitting carries with Stewart and having a horrible offensive coordinator. I thought this was interesting, his rookie season while rushing up the middle he averaged 4.7 YPC but didn’t run the ball near as well outside the line. If the Panthers used him as a traditional RB his rookie season instead of just a weapon, he would of had better rushing numbers. I’m a Panthers fan and watched every game but that’s just my opinion.

    Anoop Pillai

    @Sam S. true he did split carries with Stewart and Newton and had an ok O-line (just like the kast two seasons), but he went down almost instantly when touched every single time. He wasn’t ready that year to run the ball.
    The change was seen in the Cowboys game of last season where he started to gain yards after contact. He prepared really well in the offseason and this year was an extension of last season with even better tackle breaking ability.


He reminds me of me…meanwhile I just racked up 1k chicken nuggies and 1k fries in muh belly this season watching the best RB in da NFL!

    WC 'Strawberry' Fields

    Me too

    Max Baker

    LOL, same thing I guess 🤷‍♂️

Kylen Bowman

He’s too good

Kylen Bowman

Who has a feeling he’ll go 1k 1k again in the 2020-2021 season?

Pagan Saint

I still dont understand how they lost 8 straight games..smh

    Lil Wooo

    Pagan Saint look who our starting QB was.


    Bad qb and terrible run defense


    Run D, O line

Patriota Funchalense

Best RB in the league.

    vin russo

    I could just imagine him with the Dallas OL. I watched Zeke and the 2nd string RB today run through HUGE holes. CMC makes his own yards most of the time.

    Patriota Funchalense

    @vin russo true

Albert Pak

I genuinely believe the Panthers should make Christian McCaffrey their starting Quarterback. LIKE if you agree! 🐆

    Lil Wooo

    Albert Pak 😭😭

    Albert Pak

    Lil Wooo I know. Thinking about the possibilities make me cry too.

You know where I like it...

And remember, he did this on a team with a struggling/mediocre o-line & in which he’s basically the only offensive weapon, so opposition teams know to target him. That makes it that much more impressive. If he was on a team with a strong passing game, imagine how effective he would be.


    if he was on a team with a strong passing game, he doesn’t get the checkdowns and he doesn’t get 1k receiving yards…


    @bvbxiong My thoughts exactly. He’d still be good, but no where near as much receiving.


    He’s not the only offensive weapon but he’s definitely the most important


    @Jabbahut755 stop hating


    @Taqqzii Lol that’s not hate dude. Just acknowledgement. I wish I had that man on Fantasy. he’s a monster

freddy and foxy

He feels like he should be mvp but I bet some qb will be mvp maybe Jamis lol


    Somebody come get this man he said Jameis Winston. Like Lamar doesn’t exist

    freddy and foxy

    @Taqqzii it was a joke

Jacob Rva

Deserves mvp

    Mike Marek

    If jackson didnt rush for 1000+ yards he would be mvp but because of the 1000+ rush yards and how effective he been at throwing they giving it to jackson

Bryce Czech

MVP in my eyes

    Ali Lalani

    Bryce Czech He’s amazing but tbh Lamar is still better

    Jordan Brennan

    I’d say offensive player of the year Forsure but he does have MVP caliber stats.. unfortunately we just weren’t a winning team this year for him to be seen as an MVP


    Most Valuable Player

    Without CMC Panthers have the 1st overall pick

    Without Lamar the Ravens are still most likely makin the playoffs

    McCaffrey deserves it but Lamar will get it (not sayin he doesn’t deserve it but McCaffrey definitely deserved it more this season for how bad Carolina was cause if they made the playoffs it probably wouldn’t be a debate)


Don’t get down guys a bad season basically guarantees playoffs next season for the Panthers

    David Barber





    Look from 2012 to 2016 bro

Faith Henry

CONGRATULATIONS!! Christian Mccaffery.. the best RB in the league in my opinion. Fingers crossed for a better next season. Hope Cam comes back healthy. #keepCaminCarolina. KEEP POUNDING !!!

marshall sanchez

Hats off to this young man; this brother is every bit of his Daddy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

SN Drag Race

Both McCaffrey and Henry on my fantasy! 🙂


    I’m guessing you won the ship?

    SN Drag Race

    @Ultimatecheezeburger yes sir! 😀


Best RB Of the year. I’ll say he’s the 4th best player of the year

    Tennessee Titans

    Best rb of the year? Nah 😂 u already know who that is

    Zachary Jones

    Who you got ahead of him? Lamar obviously, Maholmes probably, Wilson maybe? 🤔

    Jackson Crowe

    Tennessee Titans not Henry


    @Zachary Jones 3.Micheal Thomas 2.Russell Wilson 1.You Know who it is

    Zachary Jones

    @Philly_Boy yeah Micheal Thomas is crazy . I low-key been sleeping on him cuz there’s SO many elite players this year….

James Canon

What’s even more impressive is that CMC is the First 1st RB to have 1k rushing, 1k receiving, and 100 receptions in a season, all the while playing with 3rd string QB scrubs

    Adam Weatherly

    James Canon more like a trash offensive line

    Mason Winner

    check downs

J'Marcus Brooks

Love watching this guy play

Christian Shaw

As a panthers fan. I hate seeing him have to do everything. I want him to be on this team for a long time. So get him some help to lessen the workload.

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