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Shakariana Beasley



💙💙💙💙 ZEKE lets go beat the eagles 34-13

Stage Bandit

I hope we beat the eagles one more time 🤞

Ernie Estrada

Run Zeke run 🤠☝️🇨🇱🐐


We Eat W’s !


Feed Zeke
Let’s Go Cowboys!!

Mystery Man

Preperation and hard work in practice paid off…Cowboys build up strength and came ready to compete against the Rams. The pressure was on and the Cowboys kept pressing and taking control. Good mindset!

Eddie V

So happy to see Zeke toting the rock with authority this week.

The way TP played was amazing.

This is sort of what i thought would be the Cowboys strength all season.

Better now than never.

Keep it Rollin!

Ausie Thompson

We have seen 9-7 teams get on runs an win Super bowls. 🤔

    Linda Easley

    It can be done .I remember the Packers / Steelers SuperBowl .Packers got there after having a less than impressive season at 9-7 . The key for the Cowboys is to sustain the level of play that they showed against the Rams

    jermaine 86

    Yep the Giants were 9-7 n went on to beat the Patriots for Eli’s first superbowl 07′ so it can be done…and I personally think this Cowboy team is more talented than that 07′ Giants team….

Eddie V

Really like the TE play this week.

Get them going early and often and early in down and distances.

Happy for Wit and S Lee. They’ve been grinding for years.

Glad they had a great game.

Hope their success continues and before they hang it up they have a ring to show for it.

Eddie V

Great game TP!

Keep it Rollin!

The next level for to provide a spark when the Offense is struggling a bit.

Be the spark plug and the 1-2 punch.

Donald Evans

Yards yards and more yards is what we need don’t stop.

Hu Chay

He looked different this game. Very powerful and quick. Hopefully he keeps recharging up for the playoffs

Linda Easley

They need to play with the same intensity against their remaining two opponents to prove they are ready to make some noise in the playoffs.
Right now , I really don’t see another team in the NFC that you can say is unbeatable

Danny Evans RC Enthusiast Rhode Island

Tony P. looking sharp as a mf….👍🏈👍🏈💯👍. Southern accent suits the kid perfectly. Good game. One down. Move on. Win another. You are what you are. 7-7🚽🚽 don’t loose that chip on your shoulder.🏆🏈 You boys are better than that. Now shut up all the haters, and JUST WIN BABY, JUST WIN….👍💯🏈. Time for this unit to take off 🚀🚀🚀🚀🏈🏈🏈👍🎅⛄🎄👏👏. Good job Coach Garrett…👏👏 He did a great job at getting the guys fired up for this one….📹🎥💯 I want to see the tape he put together for the guys to watch before the game….🎥📹🎥🎥. I wonder if they will release that film…💻💻📷📹📼📼

Richard Johnson


lisa colon

Great game guys 👍🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️

    Mark Bowman

    We definitely made a Statement last night💪!!

JP Bear Down Fam!

All these fellas are Legendary!


I think they are onto something by tag teaming the running backs. Two different skill sets. Power and speed. They take this to Philly and it should result in a W along with the East Crown.

Cathy Leatherman

Zeke and Tony are quite the running game !

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