“Because I’m Not That Fast” Sean Lee Has Career Effort | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“Because I’m Not That Fast” Sean Lee Has Career Effort | Dallas Cowboys 2019

"Having this win is big, but I want to continue to help and continue to help us get to that ultimate goal.”
Linebacker Sean Lee shares his thoughts on an impressive performance vs the Los Angeles Rams.

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m p_


cj bmxes

the general baby go cowboys good win today

Uncle Rex

Consistency is key,

unafilliated x

This man played awesome!!!!!!

Slippin’ Jimmy

Me. Lee thanks for all that you’ve done today. My voice is officially hoarse from all the yelling over that interception. 🤗🤗🤗

Alphonse Hayden

Mr. Lee, you played a great game.

Donald Evans

Beat Philly!!

Lisa Ann

This man deserves to be in the cowboys ring of honor

    Fernando Ramirez

    I’m pretty sure he will be

    Brian Waller

    Yeah injuries robbed him of being as good as Luke kuechly

    Isaiah Jackson

    Who is luke kuechl? ?? Lol jk

    Robert Nunez




    abraham8101 .ortiz

    Totally agree

    Alberto Sebastian Soto Salas

    Hell yeah

Linda Easley

Congrats to Sean Lee on a great game 👏 Need to continue to see that from him .
I remember when he intercepted Peyton Manning twice

abraham8101 .ortiz

He’s the most classy player of this roster! I really love the way he plays, he can stay classy even when he make a big play, he’s totally a professional player.


    Jaylon & witten too

Cristianoo Dayz

Lee brought back a lot of memories with that INT!
Lee the GENERAL!🙌

john moreno

That’s my boi! Caint believe I had to miss out on a good game but prioritize come first and mr Lee and the Dallas Cowboys did that as well! Love my boys4life

Juan Hernandez


Lands End

Great game But let’s keep the ball rolling

Alex K

Lee played a great game! Nice to see. Lets take that into the playoffs 🏈

Eric Starnes

General Lee is going to make a great coach when he retires. Hopefully the Cowboys will make him their LB coach and then maybe later DC


We needed this one!

Clareance Terry

Proud to be a cowboy fan…Sean Lee looked like Zeke running back that interception…… true grit…….and Sean still can lay the wood
Stay healthy Bro, we need your presence on the field as well as off.

    Robert Nunez

    he made me nevous cosidering his injurie history.

Cathy Leatherman

Keep this guy on the roster ! What a player …

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