Nick Chubb Leads the NFL in Rushing Yards | Browns Hot Minute – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Nick Chubb Leads the NFL in Rushing Yards | Browns Hot Minute

Nick Chubb, Freddie Kitchens and Todd Monken talk about Nick Chubb leading the NFL in rushing yards through Week 16.

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A. Player Fortnite


David Bibiano

Good job on making it to the pro bowl

William Fay

Best YouTube title 2019

Zack Hawk

Chubb is the greatest pure running back in the NFL hands down

Mr Fortney

Good job chubba wubba


So, our offensive line is literally one of the top 5 worst in all of football and nick is overcoming all of that to have a pro bowl season. If we can unscrew the bad play calling, have more creativity in the plays that are called and if Dorsey can make some serious moves and take our offensive line from one of the worst to one of the best (hell even middle of the pack might work) Then we should be lethal in the running game next year. Run sets up the pass. Just got to get this Oline sorted and the defense needs help, it started the season ranked high and now its dead last. Schobert needs re-signed ASAP. We already have to many holes to fill, trying to find a pro-bowl Mike linebacker isn’t something we should be doing this year. I think Mack wilson could take the spot but he needs another year or 2 to mature

    tik tok and sports videos

    Holy crap is that an A.I.R test essay

    tik tok and sports videos

    I think if we can trade Vernon for a good kid round pick that would help but a Beckham trade might be nessary

    J Foster

    Joe is the leader of the defense besides Garrett


    @J Foster Yeah and for some reason they are pissing about with Joes contract and we could lose him, John Dorsey is a far more intelligent man than any of us and I trust he knows whats best for the Browns but god damn does it make me worried about losing Joe.

    J Foster

    @OffensiveFarmer yeah if Joe doesn’t come back our defense will suffer

Dewayne Cooper

Happy birthday Chubb

LT 52

Let’s go chubb


I remember after the 2018 draft people were laughing saying we wasted our #1 pick on Mayfield and should have picked Barkley instead, I said that taking Mayfield and Chubb was a far better combo than taking Barkley + any of the other QB’s in the draft and i was laughed at, got laughed at harder when Barkley won the Rookie of the year title but nobodys laughing now.

Chad Spencer

Get rid of the flag planting,crouch grabbing Sooner ..smh

Chad Spencer

Damn..running backs from 270 and north best in the land

Leroy Xiong

Chubb saves his future and job but feel bad for him put all his strength talent ability athletes for the season but fall short of playoff 👏🤔

    Philip Dupuis

    The QB sucks and offense can’t produce

    Edward Gaines

    Chubb even said he’d trade it all for a playoff spot. Wow!

Edward Gaines

Get that title, Chubb!

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