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Kevin Pierre-Louis | Player Profile

Linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis sits down with Jeff Joniak and talks about his journey to the NFL.

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Bloated Clown


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Adrian Matute

This guy will be an All Pro…

Emperor Penguin

Keep this man around, maybe move him to OLB in place of Lynch or Floyd

    J Dolo

    Lynch dont start

Block Head

#44 #57 #81 legit 👍

    J Dolo

    Kwit needs to go…way too slow.

    Block Head

    @J Dolo great awareness though and has that killer instinct. He has earned 1 more yr

    J Dolo

    @Block Head not if contract up. He would be overpaid. He only makes tackles after play already made. …unless he blitz. He cant cover nobody i mean nobody. So slow. I was hoping he do better bc he look like urlacher on field with #44. He has instincts but he liability in pagano defense. Just like prince bc man coverage

    Block Head

    @J Dolo oh no! You already setting him up for failure comparing him to urlacher. Im thinking more of a rotation guy around ro and danny. Mix it up with him and pierre. would give a nice addition if the bears move on from l floyd.

Tyler Hilgers

It’s guys like this that make me believe in Pace. He has brought the absolute right culture fits. Just hoping the talent all comes through too…

Tyler Hilgers

What if we played a hybrid 4-3 defense with mack and floyd as the DE’s, Hicks & Nicols as the DT’s, Smith & Louis as the OLB’s, kwit as the MLB, Haha at SS, Bojack back at FS, bring in Bouye to play CB with Fuller… scary and possible defense!!!

Rock Davis

Yo I know Ryan Pierce cannot let this guy out the door no I don’t know who else he going to keep 44 Nic are 59 Danny but he have to keep P Lewis 57 go Bears 🏈 💪 💯

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