NFL Week 16 Mic’d Up, “Ayyye put your big boy boots on!” | Game Day All Access – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Toasty Blizzard

George Kittle is so fun to watch

    MRTUPAC 28

    @bendsomemetal Ford 😂 you should give up on the 49ers.

    MRTUPAC 28

    @Anthony p Who are you 🤔?

    MRTUPAC 28

    @San Frantana On drugs? From the sentence you tried to type that’s the case with you. Don’t get mad at me because the 49ers will fail 😂.

    Josh Scott

    All pro


    @MRTUPAC 28 who cares if the 9ers lose, at least they’re improving. Went from one of the worst teams in the league last year, and are suddenly going to the playoffs and one of the higher rated teams in the postseason


Gimme SB tickets pls


    II BCZ II they will give it to u when u are dead cause u ain’t getting any

The Comedian

Merry Christmas

    Big Chungus

    Merry Chrysler

    Meme Slurpi

    Big Chungus Chrysler???


    @Will Gomes ?

    Will Gomes

    @CameronTIE I’m a rebel

    Flipzy YT

    Will Gomes cool

Robby Taylor

To bad they lost talking about ramesy

    Sandy Hancock

    Robby Taylor Too!

    Алексей Гурьев

Omar Ayesh

Where the chiefs at??


    People are gonna underestimate the CHIEFS through the playoffs. I just have that feeling.

    kk tome

    LONE WOLF fax I feel the same way

    Kalendas Graecas



    @LONE WOLF cuz they suck in the post season lmao. The lions literally have a better record than them in the post season….

Johnny Holdee

I love Wilkins from the dolphins, he’s so dynamic

    Phoenyx 787

    a great piece for their rebuild.

    Johnny Holdee

    Phoenyx 787 yep yep

Daniel Seth

Kittle looks like a roided up Macully Culkin

    Eric Hewitt

    Home Alone 6: The Biogenesis Clinic


Happy boxing day


    Dawson Easler *Australian holiday


    Its the 26th in Australia today

    Dylan Cohen

    lilmacc 19

    Boxing??? Like tsunami boxing day???

    Djibson DaSilva

    Same in England.

Jayden Reiser

That wraith is baaaaad

    James Goines

    Built-in umbrellas!?!

    Stefan Parsons

    @James Goines thats a rolls royce thing, its for the cheuffer to always have an umbrella ready. theyve been doing it for decades


I think the NFL went in the right direction by combing the weekly mic’d up footage into one video as well as including the player preparing and traveling to the stadium. It was a massive improvement to what was already the most watched/liked micd up footage of any sport. waited all year to see if I felt the same at the end of the season


    yea definitely stepped it up a notch this is great content

Ryan I.

My stick is better than bacon.

    Skylar Walsh

    Ryan I. underrated comment


I’m a bills fan they need to step up their tackling

India McNeill

“It don’t matter if it was Lizzo and her boyfriend from the Minnesota Vikings” 😂

Christian Salerno

94 on the dolphins is having straight up fun playing football


“I’m dying out here. Give me a cheeseburger and some waffle fries.” – Number 94 Dolphins Guy

    Andrew Serafine

    Christian Wilkins, Same guy who almost tackled Goodell at the draft last year haha




Todd Gurley said he didn’t try that’s why they lose games they need 100% each play

    Mikey Schwartz

    lol he scored on that play he was just saying it was easy

Harold Alexander

Damn I didn’t even know who Derwin James was until now, now that I know what he plays like, he a dog, never gives up on plays and has a nose for tackles, too bad he plays for the chargers

Tony Clark

Saints chant is the hardest one I’ve ever heard. And Derwin Wraith is sick. The NFL does it well with the All Access

Jayden Morton

Best part of the entire video 16:41 Christian Wilkins is just the best player in the NFL

    Aaron Robledo

    Jayden Morton I agree bro 😂😂💀

    Aaron Robledo

    Yes 😂


Za’Darius Smith and Aaron Jones got snubbed of the Probowl, no matter they going for something EVEN BIGGER AND GREATER! #GoPackGo 🧀🏈🧀🧀

    Kevin Gonzalez


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