Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots Week 17 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Andreas Lambropoulos

go panthers

Starry Night

Dolphins 14 Patriots 41

    Declan Dude

    Starry Night poor dolphins

Marquis Robertson

Patriots 37 Dolphins 7

Hugh Jass

Patriots have the best defense

Also Patriots:faces teams who don’t have a chance to go into the playoffs

    LoTF Toxic Dva

    Hugh Jass bills= bad i guess then

    Hugh Jass

    @LoTF Toxic Dva bills were the only good team they have beaten this year

    LoTF Toxic Dva

    Hugh Jass still beat a good team, they dont pick their schedule


    They don’t pick their schedule but they do play in one of the weakest division in NFL history, they basically have a guaranteed 6 wins at least every year, Jets, Dolphins and Bills until recently have been trash for years

    Trev Mac

    @Musicrecords10 since 2001 The Pats and Brady have annihilated teams outside the AFC East *winning percentage .803* which translates to 12.85 wins a season when they play AFC & NFC teams outside the division. It fact their record against teams outside the division is better than against teams in the AFC East *CHUMP you have been debunked*

Carolina Calzada

pats 27-24

    Cameron Whorf

    😂 awful prediction

    Meekathaung Gaming

    Dolphins wont get that close

    Cameron Whorf

    The Dolphins will loose by at least two scores, 27-10


There isn’t going to be a repeat of the Miami Miracle bc 1) It’s not in Miami 2) Last year’s Dolphins team was still alive for a playoff spot at that time. 3) There’s no way a team that lost by 49 suddenly wins a rematch less than 4 months later.


    Well the dolphins lost by 43 but close enough lol. Pats fan btw

Joe Thomas

Fitz loses his magic in this one!

Dylan Wu

34-10 patriots


Dolphins 21
Patriots 37

Jonathan Pellegrino

Patriots 38 Dolphins 12

Trev Mac

Dolphins are an embarrassment to themselves,the fans and to the league


My prediction for this game is Dolphins 0, Patriots 45. LETS GO PATRIOTS, AND GET THAT 13TH WIN AGAINST THEM DOLPHINS, AND EVENTUALLY BRING HOME # 7!

Logan Alford

When they repost this video because we know too much.

Patriots 4life

Patriots win 48-3


This game preview is 2 minutes longer than it should be.


Yawn.. another first round bye, another superbowl

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Though New England sewed up its 11th straight AFC East title, it still needs a win to guarantee a first-round bye in the upcoming playoffs. Hence, must lay the lumber with the Pats, who toyed with Miami in the earlier 43-0 skunking, when the ball-hawking N.E. 2ndary picked off the Dolphins’ bearded QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (who replaced Josh Rosen) 3 times in little more than a 30 minutes of action. Meanwhile, Pats’ future HOFer’ Tom Brady regained his top-tier form in 24-17 win over defensively-stout Buffalo, completing 26 of 33 for 271, while RBs Sony Michel (91 YR) & Rex Burkhead (4 catches for 77 yards) stepped up their games as Pat weapons typically do this time of year. Miami’s sieve-like 30th ranked D (31 ppg), which allowed Andy Dalton to throw for 371 last week, won’t offer much resistance once again.


Patriots 34-20

Justin Lokere

The preview talks about how well the dolphins offense did against the Bengals last week. As if the bengals defense could hold a candle to the Patriots Defense.


Pats again blowout the dolphins. 40-14

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