‘Next year’s gonna be our year’: Redemptive win to cap 2019 leaves Broncos excited for future – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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P.M. Productions

we are going 13-3 next year

    P.M. Productions

    @Hog Farmer No But you do !

    Non pc-pc gaming

    At worst 9-7 at best 15-1

    Salvador Mendoza

    To early to say anything bout the broncos record let’s wait and see what the broncos do this offseason but BRONCOS are back 💯💯💯💯

    Juggernaut Warrior

    I think we go 10-6 next year

    Kenneth Turner

    @Hog Farmer Is a chiefs troll. The kid doesn’t know how to talk smack because his team has never been relevant enough. You would think after decades of L’s they would have more ammo LMAO!

Rio Sexton






    Michael Sanchez

    Why do the Broncos hate the Raiders? Riddle me that.

Fish and Pheasant

Attautochu is a keeper

    Jack Black

    They better pay him

Drew Goat

Future is so damm bright im hyped af rn next year is our year boys!! Happy new year 😘😘❤️❤️

Treron Sinclair

Most draft picks in the nfl this year lets make something happen o line is the biggest need and lets get ruggs next year is our year lets go broncos

Daily Dad

Locked in!

The Original Dizzy-D Michael Lavimodiere



Win or lose I RIDE with these boys every game no matter what! GO BRONCOS!!!!

    on the rocks entertainment

    Hell yeah never stop believing in the mile high salute this new group of guy’s. Are starting to find themselves👍

Nanette C

👍☝👍Go BRONCOS! ! 💙

Marcos Gallardo

” next year going to be our year” if i haven’t heard that before 😒 ill wait & see before we start acting like cowgirls fan

    Nak Attack

    I hear you, but, there is hope. No denying that.

    Marcos Gallardo

    @Nak Attack true that

    FGE shit

    The only hope is Denver trades Joe and goes with lock but knowing John elway he’s gonna keep Joe around 🤦🏻‍♂️

Maggie V

Really really excited for next year. Gear up.. I think we may have found a qb keeper.. lol

    Hog Farmer

    Yeah, he’s gonna be Good! But he’ll never be good as Mahomes.

    Shawn Edmond

    @Hog Farmer I take drew lock Over that Qb any day to me

    Hog Farmer

    @Shawn Edmond Quit drinking ! It clouds your judgement.

    Gustavo Gonzalez

    Hog Farmer I agree mahomes is just a freak of nature! But if we surround this kid with talent like mahomes and upgrade our defense they have a chance to be special

Mike Williams

Keep Attautochu, Mike Purcell and Alexander Johnson🦖….LET’S GO BRONCOS!!! Don’t botch the offseason Elway, let’s keep this ball rolling

noah knepper

I’m almost bullied at school fo how crappie this team is but I still believe this are year bois

Josh G

I love the broncos

    Nak Attack

    I love Lock. I pray to him before Pizza.

Just N/A

I love my Broncos!! Let’s go!!!

Mauro Sanchez

i feels good man it feels good

Pleasant Language

What’s the song playing from 2:11?

Major Tom

8 months off, everyone to rebuild, physically, packing on muscle, adding ridiculous quickness & speed. Mainly talking to you Drew Lock, just do it & freak everyone out when you show up in camp next year !


There’s hope!

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