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Parker Perdue

First and Peyton of course

Zachary Freeman


Mile High Mania

2nd Team All time QB- Trevor Siemian

    Matthew Riley

    Mile High Mania lmao. Could be Brock too


    It’s Tim Tebow for me it is 100% Drew lock but he is a rookie

    Matthew Riley

    VICTORYS HIGHLIGHT I forgot about Tebow actually, but it’s still Brock. Brock played an integral role in helping us win the super bowl, Tebow was a .500 quarterback for us. Drew lock only played 5 games in this decade, and not playoffs so no.

martin sanchez

Lindsay is my guy all day but come on CJ Anderson had a solid good half decade for us …

    Future Echo

    They both have similar will to win and heart. I loved CJ and you can’t go wrong with Lindsay.

    That Guy Donny

    CJ had 1 1,000 yard season while lindsay has done it twice already and with possibly a worse o-line. Imagine if he was on that 2015 team instead of CJ, probably would’ve kept the offense rolling a lot more.

martin sanchez

Darian Stewart is 10 times the player Simmons will ever be !


    martin sanchez I think #1 Steven Atwater #2 Justin Simmons #3 Darian Stewart


    For Broncos History

    Jerome Schulze

    Exactly.. Finally

Caydon Scroggin

I think von Miller should have been on there.


    He was

    Caydon Scroggin

    Sorry I must have missed rhat


    @Caydon Scrogginyou’re good man

    Ray Suda

    Bruh 🤦🏽‍♂️

Augustiniano Ortega

I love cj sorry Lindsay but cj is to good

    Jerome Schulze

    Cj was better

Richard Maki

3 nerds

    Future Echo

    3 Donkey comments

Richard Maki


Future Echo

The best team of the next decade will be next years cream of the crop.

That Guy Donny

Both McManus and Prater are great kickers for the broncos, Prater has the upper hand for kicking the record breaker here in Denver but I think if McManus had a chance that game, whatever he ate made him dangerous cause that same leg won us the game. If he was allowed to kick it I think he would’ve made it. Nearly made it in Oakland in the dirt.


eddie royal over holiday in my book

Fifa Paco

Good for 5 years bad for 5 years I guess that’s what it cost for wining super bowl 50

Eshan Bhatt

I love Lindsay and Simmons but that’s clear recency bias. Cj clearly deserved it. 2 SB app, scored in50 and played more. D stew also deserved it part of the no fly zone


Happy New Year! Lindsay for sure

Logan Saldana

Man this was a good fuccin list if you really tbink about it


I love me some Lindsay, but let’s be honest…. C.J. had the most success. Without C.J., we don’t make it to two SB’s. He was our guy down the stretch and in the playoffs. Until Lindsay has some postseason success, there’s no way I could slot him above C.J. Anderson. C.J. wasn’t a regular season stats guy, but go back and look at some of those playoff games. We don’t beat New England without Anderson rumblin and bumblin for those tough yards. Dude turned it up when it mattered most.

kwilson Eyes

Tj ward

B’wana Beast

Zane Beadles shows how bad we were at guard.


From 2010-12 Champ allowed 7 total TDs in the regular season…less than Revis. I would have loved to see Champ in that 2015 defense with help around him

Elway should have brought Champ back at saftey for 14-15

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