New England Patriots vs Cincinnati Bengals Week 15 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Humble Rumble

Patriots cheat their way to a 1 point victory

Hokies/Cavs At Best

Bengals- 24
6x SB champs- 20

Father time has finally got Brady


    STFU fool. Bengals aint scoring in this game.

    Daniel Gutierrez

    Joel lmao why you so mad bro 🤣

    Oliver McCall

    You really think the Bungles will win? They might ruin their bust for Burrow campaign

    Hokies/Cavs At Best

    @Oliver McCall They won’t draft Burrow, they will draft Tua despite of his injury

    Oliver McCall

    @Hokies/Cavs At Best No they won’t, even the Bungles can’t mess this up

SideTrack Beatz

Patriots still cheating like always

    shawn bopko

    The spy get 2

    Hokies/Cavs At Best

    Luggage- gate didn’t work 😂

    SideTrack Beatz

    Hokies/Cavs At Best Gatech will play in the ACC championship next year

    Hokies/Cavs At Best

    @SideTrack Beatz you think so?

    SideTrack Beatz

    Hokies/Cavs At Best yes and we will be In The top 10

Hugh Jass

The way the pats have been playing, I won’t be surprised if the Bengals win

    Stan ezen

    Same I got Bengals 23-17

    Mike With the Sauce

    Stan ezen 28-3


Bengals surprises the world. 24-16 🙂

Joshua Hodge

The bengals are literally trash. This game is going to be 30-14 at best

jake scott

NE 26 CIN 10

Hunter Davis

Bengals 26 patriots 21

    Stan ezen

    Bengals win 23-17

Oliver McCall

Bungles will continue their campaign for Burrow

Theo Keith Jones

NE win however if CIN win I will be shock..😲

Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD

Go bengals

Ricky Dominguez

The rush defense has always been our problem for the pats

Fabian Ramirez

Patriots win 30-6

Stan ezen

It’s week 15 and Christmas is upon thee. The way pats have been playing I wouldn’t be shocked if they lost. And my ancestors were gamblers(I think?) so why not? Who wins? My take?….

*🚨🚨UPSET ALERT!!!!!🚨🚨*

Bengals: 23🐅

Patriots: 17

emisoccer •

The cheating team wins 27-17

Stan ezen


CarrotTop(26/38 249yds 1 INT)
Brady(29/37 269yds 2 TDs)

Michel(44yds) Mixon(87yds)
White(48yds) Bouldon(59yds)

Boyd(66yds1TD) Edelman(79yds1TD)

Patriots 4 sacks, Bengals 3

Mark Symbala

Patriots New documentary is under the bleachers by seymour butts

Mark Symbala

CBS stands for complete bull s t.quit defending these a holes and making excuses.they were caught red handed again!!!

Curtis 23

Bengals 6
Patriots 24

Anthony Ciancio

I really hope the Bengals beat the cheaters

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