Minnesota Vikings All-Decade Team: Lightning Round Topics – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Minnesota Vikings All-Decade Team: Lightning Round Topics

Legendary broadcaster Mark Rosen is joined by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert, former Minnesota Vikings player and coach Pete Bercich, and the Voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen to discuss the last decade as it relates to the team. In this lightning round video, the panel hits on a variety of topics, including favorite players and seasons, most interesting storylines, predictions for the next decade, and more.

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Keith James

#skol #kirkcousins


Go pack go. The Vikings are terrible and got swept by the packers

    Skoldier Soup

    @XD Productions hahaha just another dumb fucking packers fan that cannot see his team cant do fucking anything without the refs saving them.

    Skoldier Soup

    Packers fans forget when they were literally the Browns of the NFL

    Keith James

    All y’all shut up.

    Skoldier Soup

    @Keith James you a Vikings fan?

ryan damon

SKOL πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Joe Taz

I never got the Bridgewater adoration. He never was going to be, nor ever will be, a great QB.

I think it stemmed from him being 21 and looking like he was 12, coupled with the name “Teddy”, which reeks of little kid, made people put him under their wing like they would a little kid to protect him and then lavish praise on him fir no real reason.

Like people do to their own little kids.


    Dude wth are you talking about?

    Miles Pearson

    You’re going to look like an idiot not only because you are trolling the most kind and inspirational individual MN has ever seen. But you are also extremely wrong and will be proven wrong after the next few seasons when Teddy becomes the franchise QB of the dolphins or another up and coming team.

Chris K47

Definitely 2017 season was really exciting but not gonna lie i really enjoyed this past season as well. #skol

Ukulele Productions

I think the smartest idea to put a team to London is, if it plays all it home games in a row and then locate to the US to play all their away games there.
Kinda what we gonna see next year, with one team playing three games in a row in London.

Epic Baseball Highlights

2012 was amazing

Miles Pearson

This GM has tripped over his own shoe laces trying to get a franchise QB. He’s wasted alot of the Wilfs money. Either you got it or you don’t . Rick doesn;t have the ability to find a QB. Minus Teddy and Case Keenum. Who they punted on .

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