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Mike Vrabel: We Battled and Competed, But Came Up Short

Titans head coach Mike Vrabel addresses reporters following Tennessee’s 35-24 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

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We will make it next season!

    Orlando Perez

    100% Man


    No guarentee in sports but hopefully they do…

Charles PIII

Will forever bleed that two toned blue‼️❤️

    Weese Bowski

    We bleed 2 tone in native land NM too! Titans

    Bilal Aslam

    If you’re a hemophiliac your blood still turns red when exposed to oxygen

christian sandoval

This game was so rigged a little over four minutes left they call pass interference saying the defender did not turn his head when he clearly did turn his head am I crave will didn’t even bother to challenge it which lets me know he was in on it too

    Hot Pocket

    @Juan Reyea glad we’re living rent free in your head.

    Charlie Dodson

    Juan Reyea I hope you’re ready whenever Andy Reid chokes in Super Bowl 🤷🏻‍♀️. Was a close game whenever our players were banged up and tired😂. We’ll see you next year for The king to put up another 180 on you😂😂

king Isaac

The defense killed us 🤦🏾‍♂️


    Great win bro but It’s not over yet. You could be feeling this way in two Weeks.

    Jerry Haun

    You guys played a good game ,be proud of your team

    Aiden Horn

    Juan Reyea it’s cause we stopped running in the second half for some reason idk why


    @WittyBanter 96 Mainly the refs….. If people cant see the bias towards the chiefs in this game then they dont know football rules. This game would have had a different outcome had the NFL not chose the Chiefs to win by Refs.

    DeezR Bonards

    Aiden Horn they did the same thing we did to Baltimore last week. You put enough stress on a team and they try too hard, stepping outside their comfort zone instead of sticking w what got them there

Gamer Famer

Titans for life

King Holmvik

So proud, if you live in nashville you better be at that airport when your titans arrive, let em know how much appreciation we have

    King Holmvik

    @Cristian Elvis one hell of a season TitanUp!

    Ben Mangrum

    King Holmvik Y’all was the most cocky fan base I ever seen from a Chiefs fan

    King Holmvik

    @Ben Mangrum hell yea, we were confident and thought we were going to win it all lol

    paris beech

    As a 49ers fan you guys had a he’ll of a season don’t worry you’ll be back in the mix next season

    King Holmvik

    @paris beech didnt even think they would make the playoffs and they made tons of noise in there, congratulations on your team making the fucking superbowl, thats huge man, great team

Jason Rivera

We had a great season, very proud.

Brandon Tilley

Super disappointed but I’m so proud of this team how we turned this season around. I love the Titans and the whole fan base loves the Titans. Will be back for another shot next year! #TITANUP

    L G R W

    I’m very proud of our titans but we need to see them get better still, as good as those 2 wins were it’s too much to be 9-7 and 6 seed have to play 3 juggernauts to get to SB. Need to win division and get bye. Next yr hopefully titans will have home playoff games


    @Brandon Tilley damn chill

    paris beech

    Don’t be sad you guys had a hell of a season mAde to the AFC championship game that’s good you guys Will bounce back this coming a 49ers fan

    DeezR Bonards

    L G R W that’s just it. Much as it sucked, I cant wait to see:
    a. How this team does with Tannehill, & an offseason to mesh.

    b. What Jrob does with the roster. A lot of guys are set to become free agents..which sucks, but..

    Joshua Clarke

    @Juan Reyea don’t be an idiot, Titans played a great game, Mike will have that team competing for the AFC South for a good while, great game,sincerely a loyal honest chiefs fan.

David Gillespie

Titans forever!

Zen Viking

Titans put up a hellva fight. They can be even better next year. Nothing to be ashamed of. They knocked out Pats and Ravens this year.

Chad Hagans

Good season! This was just the beginning of a very bright future. JRob works his Wizardry this offseason with a few additions and keeping this core together. Then they can come play in Smashville for the playoffs. Titan Up!


Forever gonna love the Saints and the Titans, grew up watching y’all and I’m gonna retire my jersey with yall.
#WhoDat #TitanUp

Joseph Parker

Great year for the Titans. They will be back next year.

    paris beech



Three road games in a row for the post season is physically demanding. Good job to Tennessee on both sides of the ball. TitanUp!!!

Libertarian Wolf

You guys put up one hell of a fight. Good game Titans.
You guys will be fine.

Chiefs fan

    Nathan Anderson

    Wow. You’re the nicest Chiefs fan ever! Honestly, thank u!

    Richard Griffith

    pounder forgot let’s see how good they handle those 49ers I’m a die hard Titan fan but I will say whether we made it or not I didn’t think 49ers would be beat by any of the teams


    @Richard Griffith speak for ur team bruh. No matter who the chiefs play, they always have the best player on the field. And u kno who I’m talking about




From 2-4 to the AFC Championship, the team overachieved and persevered. Lessons learned and make moves in the off season. Sign Henry to a big contract, franchise tag Tannehill and re-sign others. Get ready for the draft and OTAs.

Tannehill will have a full season under his belt. Bring in a journeyman QB and draft one to develop. Need a consistent pass rush. Simmons gave us some push but we need more. Get a couple of corners to develop and beef up the O-line.

    DeezR Bonards

    johnshaft64 100%. And simmons was hurt, missed all of OTA’s. I cant wait to see what that man’s capable of.

Dennis Sanchez

theres actual hope for next season.

    bradly mangold

    Can’t say that for sure once your that far gotta take advantage of it cause never know if it can happen again. Proud Titans fan for sure tho

Tony Ng

Sad that Mariota’s time at Titans is ending.

    Gary Soto

    I hope titans but there gonna take Tannehill

    Tony Ng

    @Gary Soto Tannehill had a great season. Deserves to start

    Gary Soto

    @Tony Ng whatever in going where Marcus go

    Gary Soto

    I’m sad but I will wear MM8 where ever he goes

    DeezR Bonards

    Tony Ng out of curiosity, were yall Mariota stans Titan fans before, or Marcus Mariota fans?

Juan Salazar

Titans have a good group here we need a couple more players i think to move up to the next level
But very good core group of guys to move forward with 👏👏

David Vitolo

Difference between Vrabal and O’Brien, even though both lost to the Chiefs, Titans never stopped playing, and stayed competitive until the very end. Vrabal has earned a lot of respect after this playoff run.

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