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Ryan Tannehill: We Started Something Special Here

Titans QB Ryan Tannehill addresses reporters following Tennessee’s 35-24 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

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Stay strong and keep your heads up, we ain’t done.#TitanUp

Tim Warren

Hell of a season Tannehill!!

Dennis Sanchez

there is hope for next season.

Ryan Flanagan


Ryan Flanagan


    Ruth Carrillo

    Why are you mad?

Ryan Flanagan

Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Flanagan

I am big New Orleans Saints fan

    Ruth Carrillo

    Ryan Flanagan sooooo

Ryan Flanagan

Go New Orleans Saints

    Jacrispie Jackson

    Ryan Flanagan shut up

    5xNFLMVP PeytonManning

    They trash

    Ruth Carrillo

    They went home long time ago..

Jerry Adams

Bring back Tannehill

Tattianna Shores

I am proud of you! So proud! You did your best! You made it this far

Jacrispie Jackson

Nothing but love for these players and this franchise. Got farther then we have in 20 years sucks we didn’t get the super bowl but at least we did this much. We will be back next year but at the top of our division. TitanUp!

Perpetual Student

Proud of you guys!!!

Cerrato Dezign

Thank you for a fantastic season. Come back stronger. TitanUp!

Zen Viking

KC fans should be sending Titans gifts for getting Brady and Jackson out of the way.

    Joey J

    But they couldn’t get kc out of the way…….,


    @Joey J No shame in that. We played hard till the last second! Couldn’t be any prouder to be a Tennessee Titan Fan.

    Jacob Runyon

    @Titan9m true it prove we are a team not to sleep on


This team is the 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars. All these free agents will be overpaid, and they’ll be back to sub 500. next year…

    Ruth Carrillo

    Love all of these haters… why are you mad?


    Ruth Carrillo just a reality check. Not mad at this weak franchise

    Ruth Carrillo

    gornyson something is wrong… you would be this angry at a team you don’t care about… did Tannehill sleep with your girl? Or did a Titan fan sleep with your mom???


    Ruth Carrillo I don’t care. I left a comment and a bunch of idiots keep replying to it. Good bye

    Mopar Driver

    @Ruth Carrillo I slept with his mom and ate all the cereal.😂


Couldn’t be more proud, bringem all back!


We eliminated the Patriots and Ravens in their home! Couldn’t be any prouder of our Titans for such a great season!

muzhda zada

Titans every season so close and a screw up at the end dammm


What a great run!!!



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