Mike Vrabel: I Know that We’re Going to Fight and Compete – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


Evil Duck

Win and were in next week 9-7 for the 4 straight year here we go

    Anonymous Trucker

    no no no! Steelers hold the edge over titans. More like Win and pray to god Steelers lose is your motto.

    Landry Basquez

    Anonymous Trucker no it’s literally win and in since the jets beat them yesterday

    Anonymous Trucker

    @Landry Basquez youre uninformed, but they do play the Ravens, but whose to say the ravens sit out Lamar Jackson and Mark INgram since they are division champs and have a bye week in Playoffs. So Steelers could win and like i said they hold the edge over the Titans so if they both win Steelers go to playoffs end of story.

    Dee09 Motivation

    @Anonymous Trucker bro we win we’re in. What are you talking about!

Paula Gunn

Great no sound

Ian Burke

I see Vrabel shaved his mustache

Bruce Tumblin Jr

Good game Tennessee⚜️


*When I die, I want the Titans at my funeral….. So they can let me down, one last time.*

    J GMoney1

    Y’all still got a chance dude stop whining


Titans looking good overall… Defense needs to some adjustments.. Can’t play zone and wait for Breeze to pick u apart… Watson will do the same next week… Need to be more aggressive against the Texans and BLITZZZZZZ on 1st and 3rd downs… Need that W next week…

Mani Batala

The refs can blow a call because it’s a fast split second play but the players have to control react and do the right thing within the same time.

marcus dillinger

we better win next week period…. OR THE PRESSURE IS ON MIKE VRABEL

    Tony McCrady

    How is the pressure on him?

    Randy Porter

    Tony McCrady It’s not.

    Justin Stevenson

    LMAO are you serious?! Vrabel has one of the most secure HC jobs in football bro lol.

    Dee09 Motivation

    @Justin Stevenson maybe he shouldn’t

    Randy Porter

    Justin Stevenson Yep !

Tony McCrady

Finally a coach that prevents reporters from asking dumb questions

    Andy S

    Love it

Michael Wyatt

I just think we need to stop all the complaining play some great football like we did several weeks ago we also have weapons like Patriots and Saints I hope we can play on the higher level next week

Cristian Elvis

and why tf is he afraid to give answers to questions that need answering!!!

Cristian Elvis

And as someone who didnt play and hopes to coach I sincerely take extremely seriously what athletes do,and even tho he was addressing reporters he said no one cares about Henry and what he goes through,or what NFL players go through,thats 100%false just because someone has been through it as well dosent mean they care more and nist because someone especially a coach hasnt done it dosen’t mean he dosent care either 😒

Randy Porter

Even after a loss, it’s hard to not be proud of this team and the effort today. No doubt some concerns in blocking and kickoffs, as well as loose pass protection. But, they went toe to toe with one of the best in the league, as they did the Patriots and Chiefs. Now, they have got to give it all to the Texans. The last two weeks has shown the importance of having Henry as a threat. When he’s out, defenses play coverage only and it makes it tough.

Bill Rhea

Beating the Saints would not have changed a thing playoff wise. Resting Henry was smart.

Anonymous Trucker

Your secondary needs some major adjustments! Theres no way way a guy comes in and makes 20 catches in 1 game just pitiful! I said this last week.


The receiver took 2.5 steps and braces himself for the hit, that was delivered with the defenders shoulder. So none of that play was wrong or illegal.


I love the way you coach Babe Ruth answer that last question about the receivers making catches LOL you made my day


Damn spell check, I meant coach Mike Vrabel LOL he cracked me up though

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