Bruce Arians on JPP’s 3 Sacks, Commends Ndamukong Suh | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
bassin for life

Bruce need to get a new quarterback during the draft cause Winston sucks he lets us down all his years on our team

conference Justice

Bruce Aaron in the buccaneers get a quarterback like Tom Brady.

King Buc

For the love of god Bruce can you please defer and let the defense set the tone instead of adding on to the whole getting intercepted on the first pass record 😐

    Will Johnson

    They need a new special teams coach. Our kickoff returns are horrendous. Why are they bringing the ball out of the end zone and running straight. No setting up the blocks or anything. Smh

Spec- Jones

I think their teaching the defense to expect interception when Jameis gone

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