Mike Nolan Praises Demarcus Lawrence’s Talent | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mike Nolan Praises Demarcus Lawrence’s Talent | Dallas Cowboys

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan made it clear on Monday that he plans to work around the personnel he has in place, rather than trying to fit his players into a certain scheme.

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Play-Action Kill

Sounds good to me!

Chris Baughman

We need ball hawking defense and a wide bodied defensive line hopefully this new fresh coaching staff instills in the players that “if u screw up you will be held accountable” and also “your here to work u keep your head in the game and u only get taken out if your injured or unconscious not ask to be taken out because your just tired u play with heart and willpower

    Raymond Thomas

    @Chris Baughman you don’t know what he want my guy

    Chris Baughman

    @Raymond Thomas true

    Brandon Derall

    @Jrthegoat ggyyyyyyyy


    Brandon Derall huh?

    Brandon Derall

    @Jrthegoat pocket texted😂😂

Shane B.

I’m excited to see his defense. We needed to make a change.

Quinton Sanders

I count what? 4 former head coaches in our staff? Man this will be great to see how this unfolds

    David Cox

    Quinton Sanders quinton I like the way you’re thinking man!

    Quinton Sanders

    @David Cox Its a good thing Brotha!

aaron rogers

Go cowboys!!!!!

Doctor D.C.

5:10 says exactly why we will be different with this defense and better, cant be predictable for quarterbacks to pick us apart. YOUR HIRED LOL


    Doctor D.C. That’s why Aaron Rodgers took us as a joke. Never seen him more relaxed when playing than when he was playing Dallas.

    A1 Kev

    Doctor D.C. exactly. Meanwhile Richard and marinelli talked only about “PLaYinG tO oUr StAndArD.” Like maybe it’s something YOU are doing wrong and not the players.

K Francis

This is a good change

Rashad88 !

This change in philosophy was much need! Was tired of coach’s forcing players to fit a scheme and focusing on physical traits over talent. Let’s see if all this talk comes to fruition.

    Daniel Allman

    @Saul Tarsus Yeah and he is overpaid. He never was as good as what everyone made him out to be. And this past season he really sucked.

    Logan Reyes

    @Daniel Allman How so? Unless you think sacks are the only stats that matter for a d end

    Daniel Allman

    @Logan Reyes He didnt stop the run either

    Eric Jefferson

    Daniel Allman yes he did. And you’re in no way qualified(opinion or not)to say the due diligence that they put in D-Law was not professional. If he comes back with 4 sacks I can easily say you knew something nobody else did, that’s easy for me to say, but no way you say oh wow D-Law makes me look like everyone else has a clue but me?


    yes sir enuff of the talking

Andy Jones

8:15 Byron Jones Gon can’t get the ball out or intercept

    R B

    While I do agree with him needing more interceptions, he was great at defending the pass and he rarely saw much thrown his way because of that reason. Awuzie/Brown/Lewis got the ball thrown their way way more.

    Now if he had no interceptions while giving up 200 yards a game and 3 TDs, then I’d agree with you.


    Jones will be OK ,last year we ran a Tampa 2 which made Jones play more on zone coverage which don’t really put you in int position , man or cover 1 or 2 , should help, b Jones is needed, the other guys the problem, than they may have stuck with zones bcuz the other guys wasn’t good in press or man coverage I’m glad we didn’t keep nobody on defense coaching staff whole new philosophy will help, we got enough speed to play some exotic Blitz and some cover 0, jus needed coaches that no how to run them and help hide the weakness on the back end if no up grade on the safety

    A1 Kev

    R B maybe Nolan will teach Byron (if he stays around that is) some new techniques to snag that football.

    Daniel Allman

    Jones was pretty good he just couldn’t get INTs. Our other corners sucked. Lewis was OK because he was the only corner that got us picks.

    I Rankin

    Playmakers = playoff wins
    Byron Jones = Green Bay moves on to next round
    He’s a bum
    Go Cowboys!!!

All up in the videos....

Kinda favors Tom Landry

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    You’re right good observation, if you put a fedora hat and suit on him, boom looks like Tom Landry for sure.

Alan Beckham

Finally. A staff that will hold players accountable. Hopefully, no more sign a big contract and disappear!!

    Henry Hill

    Like tank like Smith

    Ryan S

    Henry Hill like zeke

    Alan Beckham

    DeMarcus Lawrence tops the list.

    Henry Hill

    @Ryan S not so much like Zeke , but I hear you . Least Zeke didn’t fall of the face of the Earth like tank and Smith. Zeke was 4th in rushing entire league.

    Henry Hill

    If Dak didn’t suck so much no way give all that money to Zeke .

bonk giartist

Nolan made some interesting and good points about “ball hawk” DBs. I think Byron is one of the top corners in the league,but because he doesn’t intercept passes often,I can see the Cowboys moving on from him.

    Daniel Allman

    @bonk giartist Yeah but Lewis can’t cover as good as Jones. If we could find a Corner that can do both we would be set.

    Justin Curry

    We dont use Byron correctly in my opinion. He would be perfect as a mismatch defender. Someone who can gaurd Travis Kelce one week and Alvin Kamara the next. Use his size, speed, and length. Nobody would care about turnovers if he was getting stops on 3rd down against the other team best weapon!

    Daniel Allman

    @Justin Curry The last Coaching staff never hardly use any of our players correctly. Hopefully that will change soon.

    irap PrettyGood

    Byron is the highest rated defensive Free Agent… somebody will give him an offer that we CAN but WON’T match


    It will be utterly foolish to let BJ walk. Top 5 cover corner in the league, FACTS!!!

trevor walker

Classy man and great hire!

sam patronella

A real defensive mind finally

Shotta876 Gaza Empire

We need a big body NT like a wilfork to clog up the middle and ball Hawking safety’s

    A1 Kev

    Shotta876 Gaza Empire that should be the main priority in free agency and the draft.


    But what if I tried out? I could try lol Hopeful thoughts 😆

    JD O Connor

    @testofeagle you never know..you should definetly try bro

Lujan Gaming

Swarm Defense I Love It Mix It up 4-3 and 3-4 man and zone blitz . Hopefully we see some cover 6 also

Shane B.

I’m excited to see what he can do with LVE and Jaylon Smith.


    Yeah if LVE plays another snap

    Connor Branach

    LVE might be done with football


    Jaylon Smith will be too worried about his business meetings to actually be a good LB. He proved that last season with his complete lack of effort.

    Jordan Johnson

    @NormanRockswell easy to say when we have an old slow vet and a back up in Thomas on each side of him… outside zones all day = big gains, Smith worked hard for what stats he accumulated this season, he wasn’t even far from leading the league in tackles. That’s why he and LVE are the best DUO. lower your standards a bit, it’s a team effort

Lonzo Neatherlin

Strategy! He’s just telling Byron if he wants to stay, he ain’t getting top DB money lol

    Kenneth Harrison

    not for 0 int’s I agree

geoff spencer

“Ball hawk is a difference maker” thank-you!! Bye bye Jeff Heath start Donovan Wilson already!

    Mawashi Geri

    I rarely see anyone give love to Donovan Wilson but I’ve been saying it since the preseason, that man has talent! I’d really like to see Wilson developed into a starter.

    Dillon R

    Mawashi Geri I don’t mind Wilson starting/ competing for the starting job but I would much rather see the cowboys finally draft a quality playmaking safety, just because Donovan is undersized and a heavy hitter that’s a recipe for injuries!

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    Heath has more pics than any player we have on defense.

    Joe Blackston

    @Guitarslingin Zombiekiller He’s TRASHHHHHHHH

Texas Gsmoke214

This New Coaching Staff For The Dallas Cowboys Looks Real Smart and Sharp ! To Me, It Looks Like A Mafia Mob !!

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