John Fassel Highlights Special Teams’ Importance in 2020 | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hopefully our special teams won’t suck anymore…

    Nicolas Garcia

    munderscore it shouldn’t with this guy

It's your boy D. White

Get us tight bones! Lost at least 2 games last year because of special teams 🤦🏾‍♂️

    JR 214

    It was at least 5 bro special teams was garbage

    Alfredo Ortiz

    Also lost a few due to the kicker

Quinton Sanders

Resign Kai! We’d Be Good

EyeGreen -

I want to hear McCarthy next he only done like 2 interviews in 4 weeks no way he dat busy

    J. Vega

    He better be busy. We need a HC not a media guy

    Adam Watson

    Wanna bet….. them Jason Garrett hoorah days are over these boys finna be in the lab…….

    Lunzatis Palemoon

    @EyeGreen The fact that they were too busy to go to the Senior Bowl says that they are definitely too busy to do constant media stuff.

    Daniel Allman

    @Lunzatis Palemoon Exactly. I thing Garrett was at a dam baseball game last year after a loss. We got coaches all about winning now.


    @Daniel Allman that’s facts


Like his energy…….

Doctor D.C.

I trust this guy right here, I’m not sure he will be super perfect this year because he has to use mostly guys that are already there, so it might take 2 to 3 years for him to peak, but I hope I’m wrong really.This year would be super nice. If Bones gets us in the top 10 of 32 teams on Special Teams, I will gladly Eat My Own WORDS LOL

    A1 Kev

    Doctor D.C. It doesn’t take too much talent for special teams because all NFL players are already stud athletes. Like he said on hard knocks, “practicing one kick 1,000 times is better than practicing 1,000 kicks 1 time.” I feel like he’s gonna get these guys to play at an elite level from the get go.

    Doctor D.C.

    @A1 Kev That would be Great ! I’m ready!

    Brenda Fain

    @ Doctor D.C. I will eat your words. Go Cowboys!

    Doctor D.C.

    @Brenda Fain lol

Taken Lit

Cowboys nation don’t forgot he’s made that trick play against the Seahawks


I like his energy 💯💯💯💯


This guy is gonna be the Best hire of them all.


    Fassel is a great hire. Jim Tomsula is gonna make the d-line monster.


    Well, considering our ST’s was dead last, yeah I’d think so.

    A1 Kev

    KnightBreed definitely going to be most noticeable hire.

    Daniel Allman

    I think we got a steal getting this guy from the Rams. I’ve been wanting him but I thought it would never happen.

DeMario 84

You just can tell this guy gonna have some fun💪💪💪

Robert Garcia


Steve Balistreri

Life long Packer fan and live in Green bay. If Jerry allows Mike to build his team and coach without interference he will get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. Almost every year Cowboy personnel was better than most teams. Mike never coached in GB with this much talent. I honestly think the Cowboy’s will be back in the Super Bowl next year. Mike does wonders with good quarterbacks and brings them to the next level. Good luck Cowboy fans, I am pulling for Mike as I lived 3 properties down from him 7 miles from Lambeau field.


    @NormanRockswell A story he has written on at least three different cowboys videos! You must remember the ice howl as I do! LOL


    If you are right for this coming season I will be in awe because you will have called it.

    Rashad88 !

    Made RESPECT! The SB drought in Cowboy Nation is gone on for far too long. Hopefully he can bring tht enriched GB Championship culture to the Star. Speaking for all us Cowboy fans , your words are are very much appreciated. Good luck next season as well!


Y’all really don’t know who he is huh? Dude has been top 3 consistently, in the saints games he faked it and got the key First down to get the game winning field goal, dudes smart and has good energy

Shane B.

He’s the biggest hire we made on the coaching staff. Our Special Teams is gonna be great next season. We finally have a coaching staff that knows how to win. Now all we need to do is retain the key players heading into free agency this offseason.

    Aven Miller

    Qb mostly


    @Aven Miller
    Naw. We can move on from Dak and be fine. I promise.

ΛLΛΠ 1993

our special teams was a disaster last season. lets hope this man can transform our special teams into one of the best. i believe 🤟🏽😤


    Our special teams have been a disaster since Garrett took over.

Adam Watson

Smiled the whole interview

Rue Glock

we need to find us a punter that has played QB

    Rodney's Next Chapter

    No doubt

Daniel Allman

I really think we got a steal getting this guy. I’ve been wanting him when I say how good the Rams special teams was. I just never thought it would ever happen.

Ivan Rodriguez

I’m so glad for Mr McCarthy called him, he’s one of the best in the game.


Chris Jones is about to start throwing dimes on 4th & 8 😂😂

    Rashad88 !

    Idk if Chris Jones will be back! He is horrible this past year. If not mistaken worst in the league. Hopefully he can light the fire under Jones and get him back to the Chris Jones of old.

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