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Gianni Broccoli11

Goat 🐐 Eli

Daniel Rutstein

Please No Don Martindale or Matt Rhule

Shlick Smit

This guy still consults with Jim Haslett. He’s a dinosaur who had two HOF qbs carry him. I’d rather have a guy who has experience coaching many positions and turning two programs around(Rhule). Do Giants fans know Mcadoo was a McCarthy disciple? I dunno, gotta ask why he’s not any team’s number one choice after not being hired last year.

Arn Martin

It’s all about his DC choice for me I need a animal on that side of the ball

    Shlick Smit

    @Sarcon i wont be happy if we hire McCarthy. to me it’s Rhule then Wink


    Man I agree , we need a good DC if he comes in. Hell, no matter who is the HC


    @Christopher Strebeck Now that’s real talk my friend. 1st half of the season was so bad.

    Arn Martin

    Shlick Smit I want the ravens DC as our HC because a good OC can help DJ and Barkley just fine but our defence is so trash

    Arn Martin

    Sarcon and his not a leader of men

Kevin W.

Let’s be honest here, how much of the credit does he really deserve for the success of the Packers during his time there? He had Aaron Rodgers, one of if not the most talented QB in NFL history. It is known fact that Rodgers changed the play or called audibles most of the time. Not saying you automatically win with Rodgers but it makes a coaches’ job a lot easier. And defensively, the Packers have not been good for most of the seasons he was the HC. I don’t hate the idea of McCarthy as the head coach but I’d rather take a chance on Rhule or McDaniels. And yea, they could be busts as head coaches but I rather take the risks than hire McCarthy who never was and never will be elite. Plus, neither McDaniels/Rhule NOR McCarthy proved they can work with a team that does not have upper level talent.

    Shlick Smit

    actually Rhule turned around two horrible programs in Temple and Baylor and made them both 10 game winners, plus Rhule has been a position caoch at many positions including under Coughlin in the NFL. Rhule is the only one with a proven record at turning bad teams into winners

    Paul Bryant

    Kevin W. I guess Bill Belichek isn’t good because he has Tom Brady. By your logic he wasn’t a good Defense Coordinator because he had LT, Harry Carson, Carl Banks and Pepper Johnson. By your logic Parcells wasn’t a good head coach because he had Phill Simms, Bill Walsh wasn’t good because he had Joe Montana, Jimmy Johnson wasn’t good because he had Aikman, Chuck Knoll wasn’t good because he had Terry Bradshaw by your logic.
    McCarthy had 2 seasons under .500
    Aron Rodgers was developed under Mike McCarthy. By your logic Mike Tomlin isn’t good because he has Big Ben, and Tony Dungy wasn’t good because he had Peyton Manning.
    McCarthy has the experience and the temperament to rebuild the Giants. For you guys who love Matt Rhule. He’s never been a head coach in the NFL. We don’t know if he can rebuild a pro team. If he can lead a pro locker room, and put in coaches and a program. McCarthy is proven at the pro level. This team needs a proven winner, not a flashy toy.

    Pinhead Larry

    Kevin W. You can say any coach was carried by their QB. You probably also think Sean Payton’s a good coach id assume right? He’s one just 1 SB also but with an even better QB in Brees. McCarthy developed Rodgers into a star so he deserves a ton of credit, he’d do the same for the Giants as Reid did for the Chiefs. A ton of ppl said the same things about Reid as they say about McCarthy now and look how that turned out.

    Paul Bryant

    Pinhead Larry exactly. Look how Steve Spurrier and Barry Switzer turned out. And Chip Kelly. Flashy names don’t work out. Jury is still out on Sean McVay. Jimmy Johnson came from college but that’s 1 guy. Personally I prefer Urban Meyer over Rhule, but again. Unproven at the NFL level. Even Pete Carrol got it wrong his first go around coming from college to the pros.

    Shlick Smit

    @Pinhead Larry Sean Payton’s offense worked in NY and in Dallas. In NY he had Kerry Collins so…. Also, Aaron Rodgers thought McCarthy’s play calling was stupid, so not too sure about your whole theory on him being responsible for Rodgers’ success. TBH Brees’ numbers probably benefit from having Payton. And youre funny for thinking Brees is a more gifted QB than Rodgers. Brees is incredibly accurate and smart, but Rodgers is a 2x MVP who makes inhuman throws.

Jack Lambert

I’m happy with either. McCarthy brings experience. Rhule brings innovation.

    Amazing Guy

    Are you crazy?! You want Mcadoodoo’s mentor?!


Nooooo! Look at his record with Aaron Rodgers and tell us how he’s going to get it done with the Giants offensive roster. The next head coach must have a good understanding of defense. Let him bring in a good offensive coordinator / QB guru. Look at how well it worked when Shurmur was OC in Minnesota with Mike Zimmer. Look at Belichek and Josh McDaniels. Forget the notion that the HC must be an offensive guy. And get us some damned linebackers!

    Andrew Foronjy

    njgrplr2007 125 wins in 13 seasons, what are you talking about


    @Andrew Foronjy 1 championship, 10-8 in post season and Rodgers thought he was a moron.

Uzzie B

Not every coach has Aaron Rodgers in his prime and only made 1 superbowl

Michael Lopez

Please we need an NFL coach with experience in the NFL. BRING IN MIKE.

shea davis

Yes! I love Mike!!!!!

Frankie Clayton

I hope he go’s to Dallas cowboys give him a try

T Mafia

Hire Mike McCarthy now

Nash Scheber

Please dont hire him .

Whip Gaylick

I need to see more of these 2. These guys and the others they have on know the Giants better than anyone. I’ve been a fan years and I really appreciate these guys

Ricky Alfaro

Mike McCarthy has is the golden goose free agent right now

    that's right

    Dallas is meeting with him today

rich norman

McCarthy was farves QB coach I’ll take McCarthy I know matt rhule has a program but all he has been is an o line coach for one year

Amazing Guy

No!!! Remember Mcadoodoo?!

Mr. Seth

If he helped Aaron Rodgers be a dominant QB with a talented team, then he can do the same with Daniel Jones because we have many of playmakers on our team.

Michael Wightman

🙏 ” Jim Harbaugh” 🥇

RawB Rob

This is the choice. Mara and Gettelman need to get this man back before he interviews with Dallas and offer him the job.

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