Giants BLOW OUT Falcons 24-2 in 2011 NFC Wild Card Playoffs | New York Giants Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Your my favorite team

Muz Kamal26

I miss these days🥺



James Williams

Wish this can happen soon…


Seems like a million years ago 🙁

Colin Stapleton



I WAS THERE!!! Front row seats, best Birthday gift ever!!

Uso 684

Really miss that NASCAR Defense and the Duo RBs Thunder n Lightning
Lets go #BigBlueNYG


back when the giants were a pride winning organization

    MarLy MarLLe

    @Pete G right 9-7 is something to be excited about….Wild card team both times they won and since the 1st SB win theyve only been to the playoffs 4times including those 2 SBs. They were ready to blow up the team starting with Coughlin lol but u wouldn’t know about that. Your just a Giants crazy fan.

    Pete G

    @MarLy MarLLe They won the division in 2011 so again you’re wrong right there. And again who cares about record? I’ve seen 16-0, 15-1 teams not win the SB. They actually lost to the Giants. During Eli’s prime yrs of 05-12 they never had a losing season & won 2 SBs. Coughlin on the hot seat means bad news for the opponent lol.

    MarLy MarLLe

    @Pete G that division win is included in the 4 total playoff appearances. Guess you can’t read. How many Division titles do they have?

    awesome cool stuff Olivas

    Who cares we won the Superbowl and any organization can turn there program around I mean the giant have a foundation in place just got to build. on it

    MarLy MarLLe

    @awesome cool stuff Olivas what foundation is that? We’re looking like the Browns they way we’re going thru HeadCoaches and even Gettleman knows his days are #’d. He’s bringing in computer people and software. Lol

B. Roemer

Had top listen to this on radio, was a great played game. Thank you eli

Louis Robete

Let’s get back from where we started #Giants2020

Derrick Jones

The infamous Hakeem Nicks game lol

    Pete G

    That was Hakeem Nicks postseason! He was as key to that SB run as any Giant.


Stop reminiscing and make the playoffs again

kev cav

really? get moving get this organization back to the MENTALITY of WINNING – stop wasting our money n time!!


when we actually had a defense

Jonathan Gatica

Quit reliving in the past and focus on the future.


My favorite Nicks TD & top 10 TD’s for me.


I was at that game, that building has never had that kind of energy since…

Vincent Gaming

I miss when the giants where good

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