Mike Evans Plans to ‘Go For Two’ & Win Super Bowl Again – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mike Evans Plans to ‘Go For Two’ & Win Super Bowl Again

Team reporter Casey Phillips spoke to wide receiver Mike Evans about his offseason, returning all 22 Super Bowl Starters and preparing for the new season.

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Psych Kingler Reply

Let’s go!!!! Mike Evans is the man

MadeMan MarkG Reply

Let’s Get 2 💪🏾

Anna Fraley Reply

Thanks for the nice outdoor interview, Casey…!! 😎👍✅

Major Marketing Reply

Great interview.

Willie 3 Reply

Those 2 Dislikes most be Mahomes and Bellichick.😂😂😂

    CloutCoinJae COINZ Reply

    so its looking like mahomes, bellchik, rodgers, winston and drew brees with the 5

    Joseph Petro Reply

    Don’t forget rob parker

    Papa Rome Reply

    Gerald McCoy & Tyreek Hill

    Aditya Sahasranshu Reply

    Hill too ✌️

    Bill Buyers Reply

    Shannon Sharpe must have dropped by also

Avemtec Reply

Mike is one of the leaders of this team.
. Super bowl for super guy.

Mr. J Reply

Yes sir let’s go!

Rick Wheeler Reply

Practice makes perfect……

Cody Vandal Reply

Mike Evans really seems like one of the most humble, down to earth guys you ever see as pro athelete

    Mike Evans Reply


    Rick Long Reply

    Wasn’t humble when he whooped up on Saints Lattimore last year!🤣🤣🤣

    5.9 Cummins 3500 Reply

    He’s from Tx. Well mannered and he’s an Aggie.

    Arthur Cortez Reply

    @Rick Long he was standing up for his qb

    I am the Senate Reply

    @Rick Long Hey when the last time the Aints did anything

Ken Snedegar Reply

Congratulations and hopefully you guys can get another Super Bowl back to back

zafaja006 Reply

This man is the best WR in Tampa bat history and it’s a pleasure to have his autograph on my Buc wall. Hope his entire career is with us.

    Miller2h41 Reply

    All 7 years of Mike Evans’ career he’s gotten over 1,000 yards receiving which is an NFL all-time record.

    Big Nick Reply

    Lucky that sounds dope

    John Holman Reply

    You said “bat”. Go back and put “Bay”.

    W N Reply

    he is the best WR in tampa until AB land on Bucs … imo AB is on another level vs ME

Mena Skywalker Reply

Good luck everybody ✌

Howard Ostrom Reply

Casey Phillips is a living doll, oh Mike Evans was there too?

Lucas Nelson Reply

They gonna RUN IT BACK 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏈🏆🏆

Detail___ Reply

I can’t wait! We’re definitely gonna get that x2! Mark my words! GO BUCS!

Greg Squire Reply

always love hearing a millionaire love video games, because no matter what reality sucks

Miller2h41 Reply

All 7 years of Mike Evans’ career he’s gotten over 1,000 yards receiving which is an all-time record.

    Daniel Anderson Reply

    Working on a hall of fame acceptance . Great guy , hope he never leaves the Buc’s

Mexican Zeppelin Reply

Mike da man. The team has a great core of people-people. Makes me want to see them win it again.

Wayne Hays Reply

13 is always so chill and humble in these interviews. Let’s go for another 1000 yard season and another SB victory

    Big Nick Reply

    Amen to that brotha

Luis Torres Reply

Mike is such a good dude!!! Wish him the best.

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