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mingarette t-pain Reply

What a dub!!

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Rippy Reply

Denver Broncos you guys are the best yes you guys are struggling and everything but to me u guys win a Super Bowl every year just watching u guys u guys have probably found your web after 3 seasons and tell Von Miller if u see this I have been inspired by him he is the only reason why I wanted to play football you guys have probably found your rythem to the game come out like u did against the Texans and do that with the chiefs thank you if you saw this

Parker Smith Reply

Mic up Lock!!

Dez R Reply

Season didn’t go our way but y’all still out there playing hard. 💯

    Broncos Country Reply

    Season is not over we are getting wild card at 8-8

Memelord 3106 Reply

Mic up drew lock

Juice Reply

Love his energy! #Bronconation

TTVbtw Reply

He gives me pecko vibes

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awesome cool stuff Olivas Reply

The best game of the year and they mic. Up mike Purcell no offense Purcell a beast but

J Stevenson Reply

That thumbnail threw me off. It looks like Purcell has the ball in his right hand.

Major Tom Reply

Great energy & game play Mike !!! Wear your Black & Gold to the Chief’s game Missouri Tigers fans & support the Broncos & home town Hero Drew Lock this weekend !

Future Echo Reply

Things are looking up. We drafted well and we’re playing very decent football on both sides of the ball for the first time in a long time.

Joseph Clark Reply

We whooped Texans plain and simple. We hurt them boys regardless of how people feel or what they say we jacked them up! 💯💪

    Joseph Clark Reply

    Please let me know different

Jeremiah Enriquez Reply

Should’ve mic’d K Jack!!!!

    PrezPoet Reply

    Talk about a missed opportunity.

Erik Reply

The whole video was purcell yelling “YEEEAAAAHHH” 😂 what was point of this mic’d up

    Wayne Reynolds Reply

    I KNOW…….most of the times, these are disappointing and boring, sad to say

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Garhett Albano Reply

Purcell is amazing.

Trevor Reply

Big Mike has been one of the unsung heroes this year love havin this guy on the Broncos

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