Coach Fangio: Drew Lock is ‘progressing the way we had hoped’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Emma Leticia

Haven’t felt that good watching a Bronco game in a long time. F#&$>!& great game against Houston. They played well in all phases minus the holding, #72. Let’s knock the arrows off of those chiefs. Go Broncos!

    Joseph Clark

    I agree. We gotta let bolles go, he’s a bust for sure

    billny thehighestguy

    Were gonna beatem

    Tomas Lujan

    Von is still jogging during plays


    Tomas Lujan he’s playing with an MCL injury

    Emma Leticia

    Von will play this Sunday but yeah hes not 100% yet. Bolles has shown us what type of player he is. So yeah, got to go. But hey, that line on Sunday did great! Mahomes has a bruised hand ( his throwing) so who knows if Andy plays him. Arrowhead is loud, those fans go hard for KC. Bring it!


Lock wins against que3fs, and we take the west back next year

    No name

    Yo I really think with all our guys healthy plus some solid draft picks next season is gonna be nasty I’m waiting for lock to get rocked 8f he gets up like I think he will and continues no problem then hes definitely the one, I already wanna jump the gun and say he is but he hasnt got punched in the mouth yet wanna see if he gets scared or continues to show poise I believe in LOCK THO.

    Pounds J

    @No name Unrelated but last game somehow he got his nose hit or something and started bleeding. I still dont know how that happened. But I have a good feeling about Lock

    No name


    Pounds J

    @No name same here. I want nothing more than to see the Broncos FINALLY win against the chiefs. If he can pull this off, I will 100% be behind him for all of next season as well. I moved to kansas 2 years ago… since ive been here, the broncos havent won a single game against the chiefs… its hard being surrounded by chiefs fans 24/7 😂

    No name

    @Pounds J I disliked your comment simply because of the fact you’re surrounded by chiefs fans 🙁 but cheers, I’m happy it seems like we might have finally landed on our franchise QB

Nehemiah Howard

We mussssttt win out! Broke it all down to figure out how we can make playoffs still

    Nehemiah Howard

    @David Lee Pittsburgh jets will be the real tuff one. Hopefully they can pull through for us. Plus we own the tiebreaker for the titans

    To Release is To Resolve

    I’ll bet you money that the Broncos will not make the playoffs.

    Steven Gunther

    @To Release is To Resolve give me a million to one odds and I’ll take that $1 bet.

    brandon saucier

    @Shake I personally would rather the team build confidence and momentum for next year. Good draft picks can be had by picking players who work hard and fit your sceme. We have a bunch of picks this year. We got fant late in the 1st. Drew Lock and Dalton Risner in the 2nd.

    Garrett Hatch

    David Lee it’s slim but Either TEN or HOU has to lose out so does PIT i believe and the browns have to lose at least two. Oh and we have to win out. So probably not going to happen but it could

Kyle Coin

We got our qp now get some guys to protect our QB and some great defensive picks

    Maac Petzol

    I love how you used “are qp” and “our QB” in your comment. At least you’re only stupid half the time.

    Biggie Thic



    Get rid of Balles at LT

Ingo Knito

The broncos are finally able to win again so why does the media crew still silence the press?!


lets go broncos lets win play off this year go broncos drew lock lets go


Can we be a bit more professional and please get a mic on the reporters to hear their questions????

    Mike Smithisnotmyname

    Or have a graphic on the screen telling us the question, at least.

    rory vonbrutt

    thank you….. get left and right mikes please!!!!

    Travis Bishop

    You guys are asking for wayyyy to much , they don’t give a damn let’s be honest lol. Wanna know a secret🧐 Good headphones! I recommend the Beyer Dynamic DT-880 headphones, can hear every reporter question with ease, even if the microphones are way out in the cow pasture 🐮

Kong Yang

Can you see that smile on Vic’s face like he went to bed last night sound a sleep knowing that when he wakes up Drew was his QB and maybe just maybe we have something special here in Denver.

Yard Byrd

Let’s keep winning. It’s easy to say good things after winning a game.

Rashaun Weimer

Bro get these people asking the questions a mic

Christopher Camden

boy he looks like he just wants to smile the whole interview

    billny thehighestguy

    I agree. Now everyone knows hes a good coach when shits set in stone

billny thehighestguy

Fangio has the face of “i told you im not a crapy coach with the right guys!”

Charles A Townsend

I really like Fanigo. Great attitude, treats all his players the same and his game plan was spot on.

Rick M

Whats up with his eyebrow???

    Ryan Sheridan

    That’s all I’m looking at now 😂

    Michael Lemos

    He can smell what you’re cooking

Mike Smithisnotmyname

Need another KJackTV ASAP

Eric Oakley

In this “everyone gets a trophy “ world I love the way this coach is real and praise must be earned! You’re the best coach.

Joseph Clark

Everyone gives broncos 0% credit. I get it, we have a crappy record compared to where we’ve been before but dang man we’re not a garbage team.

    Thomas Bliss

    Exactly. The first time we played the chiefs really pissed me. The way Flacco played. Lmao my 3 year old could’ve played better than him in that game. Could’ve ran the 5 yards for the first but decided to hold it and got sacked

    Joseph Clark

    @Thomas Bliss flacco is not good. Maybe I’m over stepping but even with a SB victory he’s not elite. He’s ok at best

    Thomas Bliss

    Oh no I never considered Flacco elite. Just because he was a sb mvp doesn’t make him elite. He was trash then and he’s still trash


    @Thomas Bliss Anquan Boldin was the MVP. He made Flacco and get screwed out of that SB MVP.

Major Tom

Great game Team ! Wear your Black & Gold to the Chief’s game Missouri Tigers fans & support the Broncos & home town Hero Drew Lock this weekend ! MIZ

Flippant Booch

what a great coach.

Rule of 2 Review

I love my Broncos but I really do not like the way Fangio carries himself. Proud of our recent wins but I’d prefer if we switched coaches.

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