Mel Kiper Points to a 1st-Round Pass Rusher for Ravens | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Oui Bay

There won’t be a pass rusher there, but there will be a wide receiver.


    I was almost 1st

    EM EL

    It definitely will be pass rushers there no questions


    Wide receiver class is stacked this year. We good.



ryan damon

Can wait for that draft

Tom Hopkins

Every pundit will change their minds at least 3 times before the draft. TRUSS EDC!!!!

    Stickup Bishop

    As long as we get a Mike like a Murray and trade up in the second for laviska shenault or terell Lewis I’m good wit DAT

Gabriel Eastwood

If you cant keep judon try and trade him to the dolphins because they need pass rush and they have 5 picks in the first 2 round 3 of whxib are in the 1st round. Trade for a first round pick so we can move up

    ManBearPig YT

    @TOAST BOYS not for 16.5 per year

    Gabriel Eastwood

    @TOAST BOYS I said if we cant keep him. Read it carefully

    Edgecrusher Crush

    Noone is giving a first for Judon, there are plenty of good talented Pass Rushers that will be left on the board when Ravens pick rolls around, besides i reckon we franchise Judon for a year


    Gabriel Eastwood ohhhhhhhh

    Jonnie Yanda

    Judon is trash he was one of the least double teamed linebackers in the league and half of his sacks were when he was unblocked. And hes not that good at run stopping. Spend 17m+ on clowney instead one of the most double teamed and a monster run stopper

king shark

Now this guy I like…. if we cant snag the best available offensive linemen that cant be passed on. Get this guy.

    king shark

    @Jeffrey Bob .. plus hurst the roving and backup left guard is out the 1st 4 games. … has yanda even made his retirement decision yet. 🤞

    king shark

    @Joshua Okparaocha … we feel they good, we seen them be good for a 14-2 run in a down division yr.

    But came Tennessee and two stoned 4th and 1 attempts, say, we better be real about our big fellas.

    Joshua Okparaocha

    king shark They didn’t deliver that game. But neither did the tight ends or running backs but they’re not cons priorities in the draft. Hurts wasn’t even a starter. Stanley, Skura and evening Orlando Brown Jr are all very good and Bozeman delivers his part as well. Praying Yanda comes back but regardless Oline is definitely not a first or even second round concern


    @Joshua Okparaocha LJ make them look good….

    king shark

    @BigDwarf … yep, granted Stanley, yanda, and brown jr. Are solid. But it’s true Lj mask any issues with his speed, granted he dont need much time, but granted , him taking off is a sign too nobody really talking about. But that can be Lj reads and rythm as well. But, gotta see what yanda do. If he retires, we gotta find a cant miss guy. If there is one

Rick lindblade

No, no, no and No. Take the best player on the board regardless of position. In the NFL in 4 years half of our team will be gone. Always take the best player. If you draft for needs than we end up loosing out on play makers that can define a franchise.

    Tristan Lakos

    @Rick lindblade considering Williams is starting, yes. Bowser was not as good as we thought, but that happens

    La’ Garv

    Tristan Lakos the other way around

    Tristan Lakos

    @La’ Garv Tyus Bowser is not starting, its Judon and Jaylon Ferguson on the edge. Brandon Williams is starting on the interior dline

    La’ Garv

    Tristan Lakos I think he meant tyus bowser and Tim Williams from the same draft

    Tristan Lakos

    @La’ Garv oh I think you are right, my bad

Chrisie Neef

“ I’m looking forward to see what we do “ my opinion my pick ( Queen ) I want that ILB bad ! 😂😂🥋😈 I’m not mad if we go pass rush tho and if we could Keep judon would be fire 🔥.

    Ryan Flanagan


Josey Wales

Why even bother drafting any talent they will just let them go instead of building a defense around one of these guys.

Oh they want too much money

Says every moron that thought Fluko deserved 120 Mil


Dont like Gross-Matos. I’m expecting Curtis Weaver from Boise State or a different position


Get Antonio brown

Jon Doe

Netane Muti. Please draft this man he’s being compared to Quenton Nelson which would fill a huge need on the o line with Yanda getting closer to retirement.

Ryan Flanagan


LeVar Lewis

Yes grab Yetur Gross

Donnie Simmons

This is who I have picked right now at 28 unless aj Espenza falls to 28 but I highly doubt it. But the combine could move some players up the board or down the board. Still a lil early to do mock drafts.


Who the hell is Mel Kiper anyway????

    Francisco Zaragoza

    eddiewinehosen a stud


We had the luxury of having at least something in the cupboard when we drafted the developmental projects. Now we face losing Judon. Cant afford to draft a project!

John Burke

Yetur is great, but let’s trade down within the top 15/20 picks and secure epenesa. Young t sizzle who could be an OLB in 3-4 or a DE in 3-4

Vanji Cagahastian

I would say Yetur Gross Matos would be a great fit for the Ravens and i think dat the Ravens defense will be dangerous in 2020!😤😤

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