Marquise “Hollywood” Brown 2019 Season Highlights | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


crust dick

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Ryan B


westside brother

Let’s go Ravens

Winston Lewis

This is only the beginning for Hollywood and lamar

ZayKing 56

This makes me excited for next year

Zion McFarland


Oui Bay

Get Hollywood another fast guy to play with, and he’s gonna eat.


    Oui Bay nah cuz then Hollywood wont be able to shine

    -Z3us -

    SIZZ- he would

    Oui Bay

    SIZZ- yeah he will… too many weapons makes the field indefensible with all that speed!

    -Z3us -

    SIZZ- all I’m saying is that I want one more fast receiver , the rest is up to them , I don’t needa see Sneed and Roberts , Boykin and the tight ends can block , imagine Hollywood , (fast wr) Boykin and a humble veteran who will block and run routes

Lion Thomas

Year 2 will be crazy

Josey Wales

If he gets a Steve Smith Sr mentality this kid will be dangerous.

    RW 2020

    I think Boykin and Snead both have that attitude.

Bad Boi Brady

I loved this, but that last highlight brought back some feelings that I’m not a fan of….

    RW 2020

    I know. I actually thought the tide was turning when Hollywood made that catch.

grim farm

Let’s take one playoff game at a time and win them all!!!!!!!!!

Nightmare Kilo

All this while was injured

Matt Williams

Hollywood raw talent and he’s only gonna get better let’s go ravensnation

king shark

Can we actually develop a day 1 wr. The highlights say we just may. 🀞 to a passing attack that could put up 4k. Lamar got the talent, we gone need a good scheme and sacrifice run and tight end play.


Reminder: He was basically injured all year and wasn’t at full speed

T T Moore

His hands get overlooked by his speed, but he snags everything around him. I don’t recall any drops last season.

ryan damon


Charm Groovy

Watchin these highlights just makes me so mad because of the Roll We Was On Smh πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ We Should Of Been In The Super Bowl And won it

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