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Matty Ice Styles on the Panthers | NFL 2019 Highlights

Matt Ryan helped lead Atlanta to victory with 313 passing yards and 2 touchdowns. The Carolina Panthers take on the Atlanta Falcons during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Steelcurtain 487-


Steelcurtain 487-

Go Steelers

The Fam Channel TFC


Vesutia 神


Ari-A .M


IIX Wolf



Still him and the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the Superbowl.

    Guga Bastos

    Unless he wins a super bowl, 28-3 will hunt him and Falcons forever

    blake wagner

    Falcons still won

    Zachary McClain

    This is obviously from someone a fan of a team that hasn’t been to the superbowl lol That doesn’t bother us anymore


This team has talent, they just don’t prove it most of the time.

    Dr Shwazz

    LionHeroYT Coaching and poor draft/free agency management in the front office….our main issues.

dark light

I haven’t heard “Matty ice” since 28-3


    Have a seat then.


    dark light we got a warm seat for you in hell

Guga Bastos

Falcons are just ruining their tank, at this point it’s better for them to just focus on the draft

    Nyquill Jornan

    Guga Bastos this win only moved the falcons down 2 spots in the draft


wait, who’s the panthers head coach now?

    Original hi


    Original hi

    Jk it’s still Ron Rivera

    Joshua Abbey

    @Original hi he was fired


Too many points allowed no way we can blame this on the offense or lack of cam Newton. What’s going on here???


We still trading cam?

    zac hannaman

    Depends if you want to compete passes consistently. If not keep Cam.

    Guga Bastos

    Laquon Maybe they will be tanking for Lawrence?

Curtis 23

Matty ice 🎿

zac hannaman

where all the FAKE Falcons fans that hate Ryan? We win and they no where to be seen.


    zac hannaman Probably mumbling under their breath that he passed too much and didn’t run enough.

    Sauce M’geeser

    Yeah we that dirty birds! New OC First year he struggles. Next year he be MATTY ICE

Ryan Flanagan


Harrison Antone

Why did they wait until this time to be playing good when it’s too late to compete?


Next season #1

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