Vikings Defense Stops Lions Cold w/ 5 Sacks & 2 INTs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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PuRe Werxsy Reply


William Bellow Reply


    PuRe Werxsy Reply

    No I was



Josiah Vazquez Reply

First comment !!!

    PuRe Werxsy Reply

    No I was

BaconAttack! Reply

Pure werxsy was first

    PuRe Werxsy Reply

    Thank you these guys think they were but I got em post notis on

MrMountainJuice 7 Reply

Announcer: Blough great protection
*gets sacked*

Gamer Nerd Reply


JTG 2102 Reply

The defense is back

    B F Reply

    It’s not, but I hope we keep Rhodes on limited playing time because he’s the one hurting our defense but a great bounce back for our defense

    JTG 2102 Reply

    @B F The rotation worked well. But our defense did indeed comeback. Especially today.

    B F Reply

    JTG 2102 the chargers have some weapons in offense, I hope this defense shows up against the chargers

    Darrell Campbell Reply

    Now lets see if they really back against a better offense next week.

That Guy Donny Reply

Poor Stafford gets murdered behind this line, now his backup has to deal with it lmao

Davie16s! Reply

2:25 lol

    Duolingo Bird Reply

    Perfect timing. 😂

Jack in Black Reply

Woulda been nice to have this last week

Curtis 23 Reply

2018 defense

Mlchael Workenh Reply

Awesome moves Lions

Mlchael Workenh Reply

Even though the Vikings are good. Your doing good even though you got sacked

Caio Pacheco Reply

Griffen CPOY

Mike Weber Reply

Congratulations to Danielle Hunter on becoming the youngest player in NFL history to get 50 sacks!

Ronnie Mo Reply

Step up not out. Step up not out. Step u

Mags Mobile Reply

Great Game Vikes And Great Play D Let’s Keep It Rolling #SKOL !!!!!!!!!!

Noslen Reply

Were the total offensive yards for the Lions in the red?

Darrell Campbell Reply

This Vikings defense was always good but they just not on their game like 2017 and their aging players must be on the decline.

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