Matthew Stafford 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Xringles Reply

that’s my QB.

Nefarious-Limit Reply

My qb💙

Vash Starwind Reply

My birthday is 2/7 too! Happy Birthday Matthew Stafford! You are The Greatest!! All Hail the mighty Lion King!! #9 🦁☝️🏈

Mariam Moshy Reply

When I grow up I want to be a Detroit Lions

    Hassan Haulcy Reply

    Mariam Moshy good luck we’ll support you

    Erik Kostin Reply

    Good luck man!!!

Vash Starwind Reply

Go Lions! #OnePride 🦁☝️🏈

south side Reply

The underrated king of the north

Grant White Reply

That’s my QB right there. Does he make mistakes? Yes, who doesn’t? Does he put it out on the line for his team? Hell yes! Comeback year the upcoming season, boys! Let’s go! One Pride!

    Zachery Graves Reply

    Let’s get it

JJ Montero Reply

I just started the video and I hear #9 “HEY THIS IS WHAT WE WORK FOR RIGHT!?” This is my QB. This guy deserves a ring man. Let’s be honest the guy has talent/The arm of an elite QB. Please let’s not let him down just like we did with sanders and Calvin. DetroitVSeveryone

    Zachery Graves Reply

    Let’s get it

Pablo Molina-Garcia Reply

Really big fan of lions love these vids

    Hex Morbid Reply

    Lil bill????? My childhood

Serendip Reply

Happy birthday Matthew. Looking forward to seeing you in the blue and silver next season.

C- Dubz Reply

That’s my QB!!

slum erican Reply

Comeback player of the year!!! Best qb period. Go lions! #slumdom

RealTTVHyper Reply

Nobody deserves a Superbowl ring more than this guy #onepride


Love stafford next season is going to be a good one, we have the most talent on the team since he’s been our qb

Zack Thiry Reply

THATS MY QB Stafford= best qb in the league

Mr. Madden Reply

The Lions pick up a good DC and get some great picks, as well as keeping Stafford healthy, THIS WILL BE THE YEAR.

Zachery Graves Reply

Stafford with bevel next year going to be boomin🤷💯

Michael Jackman Reply

If we get top 8 defense our offense stays healthy will will have deep playoff appearance. Offense shouldn’t have to score 30 points game to win. Defense so bad this year

Ryan Foley Vlogs Reply

Happy belated bday Matt!!!

Shoff 29 Reply

That throw against the chiefs has to be the best of the season.

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