Matt Patricia Mic’d up at 2020 Senior Bowl – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Diego Ospina Reply

FINALLY!!!! A title as head coach for Patricia

dieseldust76 Reply

Don’t blow our 3rd pick, make it count! I’m sick of losing!

    ThA MAN C MAcK Reply

    dieseldust76 %πŸ’―

    Such a loyal fan base more than deserving and it’s far over due.

    It’s SuperB-owl time.
    F all the other BS.

Justin Brown Reply

We missed the hot dog eating contest prior to him coaching.

    Justin Brown Reply

    @Andre The Giant you must be from the Patricia is great circus and enjoy unkempt unprofessional coaches that are tough on their players but show up consistently late to everything

    Mommy Dolly Reply

    @Justin Brown @ Justin Brown i heard Patricia said no to the hot dog eating contest do to hot dogs cause baldness and lower your testosterone level 😱😨

    Justin Brown Reply

    Patricia’s family must be following this feed. He is a terrible coach. Film and record speak for themselves. Can’t strategize and win games in the 4th quarter after holding leads

    Justin Brown Reply

    @Andre The Giant statistically speaking the Lions would be better off with a fan as GM at this point. 1 playoff win over the last 60 years

Andrew Taylor Reply

Im riding with Matty P till the wheels fall off. That’s MY coach πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

    PredatorKingdom Reply

    Andrew Taylor Exactly let them know buddy we’re riding with Matt Patricia 100% through this thang. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

xstutz99 Reply

It’s nice to see wolverines and buckeyes playing nicely on the same team

    ThA MAN C MAcK Reply

    OSU LB CHASE YOUNG #3 To The LiONS!!!🦁 πŸ™

Isaiah Nagurski Reply

that pic by Shea Patterson from the angle in the video looks like it was the receivers fault almost like he jumped but didn’t put his hands up to catch the ball

Isaiah Nagurski Reply

Put Patterson behind Stafford for a couple years

    Grey Ford Reply

    @Andre The Giant facts!

    Torality Reply

    lol Michigan haters getting pissed

    will Robinson Reply


    Andre The Giant Reply

    @Torality Michigan haters? Im a Michigan fan im just a realistic one and i dont hype up every Wolverine that has a shot at the pros. Im guessing you’re one of the delusional fans that hype up this football program every yearπŸ˜‚

Isaiah Nagurski Reply

I would be okay with a Jordan love pic but not as high as some people have us taking him I’ve seen mock drafts where we trade with the dolphins and we take him at like 18 I feel like that’s way too high for a guy who’s not going to start right away

bigbabyzubas Reply

1:45 I hope Uche is there to get, RD 3 or 4. not sure. we gotta get him though, hes a Good Edge dude.

lets put him across from Flowers, SOMEOEN is getting the QB!

bigbabyzubas Reply

Β LOL! meme worthy.

ThA MAN C MAcK Reply

Looking Forward to The Lions Finally Winning a SuperB-Owl πŸ¦‰ πŸ†

Make it happen.
You have the loyal fan base that is more than deserving and it’s far over due.

Stafford is The Man to do it if you can just finally protect him and give him a Defense.

Patricia has what it takes to be The HC to do it with Stafford as long as you give
Stafford that protection and Defense.

Draft is where Champions are built.

ThA MAN C MAcK Reply

LB CHASE YOUNG!!!! #3 Draft Pick

PredatorKingdom Reply

I said this before and I’ll say it again if you’re against Matt Patricia and his staff so get out of our fanbase because the negative energy is not being put up with in 2020 going forward. Matt Patricia and his staff showed here that if he has the right group of players he’ll win with them we’re still striving to do that with this current Lions roster, I believe we’ll be there eventually. MATT PATRICIA THAT’S MY COACH!

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