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Keeping It Real

This was the toughest ravens game I’ve even watched. The team just didn’t look prepared to play. Lamar didn’t have a great game but he played his heart out and it seemed like his recievers (except Hollywood) gave up on him. Time for them to learn from this and get better. See everyone next season.


    Keeping It Real They need better receivers next year. Sneads mind wasn’t in the game at all…I would cut him. Andrews played like crap as well.

    Not sure about the game plan. If Ingram was that bad off…they should have pounded Gus Edwards…If your identity and success is predicated on running the ball, why attempt over 40 passes? Should have ran and set up the play action.

    Get another big play receiver and they will do it next year. This receiving corps is horrible.

    Tyler Anderson

    Keeping It Real naah this aint worse than Billy cundiff missing the FG vs New England i wanted to die that night 😫🤣

    John Ladon

    Keeping It Real it’s not even that they gave up on him we legit just don’t have wrs (except Hollywood)


    I second that. It felt like sabotage from the Mark Andrew’s tipped ball till the end. Wtf!

Jovhonte Jones

I’m trying to watch something else but I keep going to highlights and interviews. Loved our team but our team next year will be even better

    Jovhonte Jones

    @Sin Fourten one thing about our front office is that they get the job done. But I’m trying to be as positive as I can specially since we just took an L

    Troy Mathis

    Sin Fourten we have more cap space then we’ve ever had. You’re an idiot

    Joshua Okparaocha

    Sin Fourten Are you kidding. We’re in a way better spot we were beginning of this season. We have a direction and leader and playmakers on all sides of the ball.

    Joshua Okparaocha

    Sin Fourten And hella cap space


    Great positivity!

Chris Estrela

“It was a hella of a ride…pause..ahh”

    Adamir Diaz


    Dasean Chandler


    What about Rob?

    @Dasean Chandler


Even though we lost still apart of the ravens flock 24/7 big Trusss


    @Master Splinter 14-2 who trash bruh


    @Max Nikolenko Haha naw mark ingram made it and always will be woo woo


Short field opportunities for the Titans killed us

    Zay Scott

    I’m saying John played with house money against a great team, should have played the long game

Nazair King

Pause 💀💀💀

MarLy MarLLe

3 turnovers is alot to overcome but there’s no excuse for 195yds from One Guy.

The Big Fudge

Great teams lose every year, give props to the Titans


    Blacc R – That’s why your team is never gonna win nothin’, bad taste no class havin’ “Raider-esk” fans like you. Take that “L” son, be humble and keep it pushin’.


    Bee Dyce – Naw bro, looks like you and your team are the ones that got “f**ked”.

Dean Robin

Love this team no Matter what 🙂 looking forward to next year! Heads up guys!!! thanks for this season

Legendary King

Them boys got lazy from that bye week time to go home 🤨

Francisco Davis

Ravens need stars in the Front 7. Sorry but Judon aint all that even though i love the guy. Play calling was horrible, wtf was the coaches thinking?


    Lol. Everyone always says what a team “needs” as far as improving them goes, after that team loses in an important 1 time markee game, like that same problem has been happening or going on for the past 5 or 6 games on a consistent basis. Man, the Ravens offense got shut down and their defense got out played, out coached, man handled and on top of all that RUN OVER by 1 running back…D.H.

Max Nikolenko


Max Nikolenko

Man, Ryan Tannehil is like a blood transfusion. With him in the Titans, they jumped to life. Derick HENRY is a Beast, but ryan Tannehil is the heart beat

David Bradley Oinonen

I’m stuck in a nightmare 🙆🏻‍♂️

Roger Arvizu

Nice having you this season Judon, good luck with your next team.

Julius Smalls

No lie from the start of the season to now WE NEED BETTER RECEIVERS( a veteran/star wr)

    Brandon Allen

    Antonio brown

    Julius Smalls


    Julius Smalls

    Seth Roberts, willie Snead, Boyle need to go

Kalen Williams

Is it just me or did it seem like everybody besides Lamar Jackson was paid off to not try in that game . Lamar was the only out there looking pissed off that they were losing , everybody else was out there looking pedestrian


    Shine * exactly it didn’t feel like a 14-2 team

    Shine *

    The sack, and fumble from Lamar was a seal for me. The guy has pocket presence, and will take off without hesitation. He sat in the pocket after feeling the pressure without taking off for a strip and fumble to occur.. In the Seattle game we saw a different Lamar


    Shine * i’m kinda done with the NFL i got my hopes up just to be disappointed like i’ll watch but the way everything went felt like it was hope for a moment


    Shine * it’s like he wanted to stay in the pocket to please everybody when he should have just play how he was always playing

mawb town

Love my team but we keep choking in the playoffs smh

    mawb town

    @EightiesMusiqLover yeah as soon as they get flacco some help bronco’s will do better

Leroy Worsley

Judon, Body by Taco Bell! I’m still Proud of my 14&2! Baltimore RAVENS!

Nashville Lanas

“It was like a car crash playing with the Titans”

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