Lamar Jackson Talks Playoff Loss | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lamar Jackson Talks Playoff Loss | Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson discusses Ravens' loss to the Titans and what he'll work on this offseason.

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Caleb w

the media is gonna rip this guy apart, he’s so young and will definitely win a super bowl in the future

    Lenny Dee

    RGKnee & Kap again. Lmfao

    Edward Baez

    He’s not winning nooooo superbowl he will see playoff 1 or 2 times and careers goes like RG3

    jerald meow

    Trev Mac no one hates him more than me but it has 0 to do with his skin color you piece of garbage. You’re trash and pathetic.

    Navon Myhand

    @J Y Racists really come out the woodwork when Lamar loses a game, they’re not even hiding it anymore jeez

-Z3us -

Even Jordan took L’s early 🤷🏾‍♂️

    JSway 24

    SEA CAWK mind you when Tom Brady or Aaron tide gets puts those numbers up and loses it’s not they’re fault it’s the teams fault.

    JSway 24

    Trev Mac omg

    Edward Baez

    Zeus u just started watching sport it looks like comparing him to MJ compare him to kordell Stewart if u know who dat is and and Stewart was better then him and never got nooooo ring just like Lamar Jackson he good but he always goin choke on crunch time as u can see wen they put good defense and stop him ravens are shut down him as a qb running the football all the time breaking records is not going to win a superbowl neverrrrrrr


    @SEA CAWK Jordan had the refs in his pockets you couldn’t touch the guy after the 1990 season

Joe Covarrubia

It’s okay we will get a super bowl with LJ. We Will be back next year.!

Baron R

I expect him to come back even better next year. His passing has taken a big leap and I am confident that he will continue to work on his game.

    Bic Mitchum

    No doubt!

Sang Nguyen

The drops and miscues hurt us Ravens 4 Life we will have to fix this offseason

    JSway 24

    Marquan Pittman yea. The same fans putting this all on lamar are the same ones who were booing him/chanting for flaaco last year.

    Yung Sammy Sosa

    They need better targets around him…what he did this year was amazing givin the shity talent he had around him

    JSway 24

    Rollie55 it’s cuz there not real fans. Let’s be honest. If your a black qb you have to be perfect every single time. You off even a little an you get all the blame… pats fans have Tom Brady back. Even though the pats lost.

    Rory Moodie

    Not Ravens for life; but you made a good point..

4U GaMeing

He’s my quarterback!! This is my team win or lose!! I’ll always love my team. Flock nation

    Bell Family

    garett schwindling 14 and 2 is garbage? Ur an idiot


    Fellow baltimorian? Me too

Vogue Daddy

I’m more upset at all the media that been waiting for this guy to slip up gonna have a field day

    Scott Land

    What are You talking about ? All they do is praise him and say he will be the league MVP.

    Darryl Green

    Ret1173 😑 spoken like a true supremacists.


    willkittwk to be fair Darrell bevell made that call to throw in the Super Bowl. Pete Carroll just makes little references during the game of what he like to see. Like give lynch the ball. Call playing isn’t specific. The main problem with that play is that there was no play action. If the would’ve at least sold the run and then threw it would’ve given Wilson time to analyze the defense. It was a 50/50 throw. Either interception or Td. Also it was 2nd down. The 1st down Lynch ran the ball from like the 8 to the 1 yard line. If only he got in on that first run.

Crazy King

Still rocking with the ravens 💯

Mxlik Rvgler

He accomplished so much in his second year, you can’t be mad about that 🔥

    Mxlik Rvgler

    Lee’s Ollie Suggs is slowing down

    Demarius Smith

    Craig Smith Broke mike vick’s rushing record

    Demarius Smith

    Craig Smith 4th QB in history with 30 TD passes and 7 rushing TDs in a single season his whole career stats 4,328 42 TDs 9 INts with QBR 104.7 🤨

    Craig Smith

    Demarius Smith he did nothing special can’t even function without a read option like last night lol he could win all the mvps he wants he’s still not great lol

James Harris

Lamar: Get better for next year

Translation: Go get me a receiver

    JSway 24

    Y. Why wasn’t Boykin in the game earlier? Matter of fact why didn’t he play more this season. ?

    JSway 24

    Dr Beyonder one interception went right into the hands of his tight end an the tight end missed it, the other interception was fully on Lamar. I’ll admit tht

    JSway 24

    Ralph yea I agree

    JSway 24

    Joseph R. Yea some of the playcallung was questionable. Tbh I think this was a bad matchup. Remember Dean pees was the DC for the ravens when they played the niners In the super bowl am guess who the niners OC was? The ravens pretty much dominated that game in the first half then niners made a comeback but was too late.

    James Harris

    @JSway 24 you keep miles, you keep Willie and obviously Hollywood. Miles will improve tremendously I believe. They are still going to be willing blockers, but they need to be able to carry the team if the run game isn’t there or if you need to play catch up n pass like lastnight…you add a solid, dependable, possession-type vet like Boldin. Unfortunately you cut Seth. I still keep all three TE…they need to use Hurst more in tandem with Andrews, a two tight end punch is lethal.

Hoa Luong

The Ravens starters lost their momentum after sitting around for 3 weeks.

    Rory Moodie

    Should have played the starters for at least the 2 half of the game whe the other team was tired in week 17

    Thomas Crowley

    Na it was a combination of things. We ran into a hot team, Receivers dropping balls and Lamar was off. The Defense got runned over. Just one of those games.

    Eddie Davis

    @Mar Par you stupid 14 -2 record texans pats 9ers seahawks rams buff browns who everyone was scrotum strokin in offseason are not shitty teams 3weeks rest 2weeks there is no difference made mistakes got outcoached bottomline how titans played them shouldn’t went 4th and 1 take points

    Darrel Hintz

    The saints did it too a few years back

ostrichbuckets Jenkins

The real fans still got your back Lamar keep your head up king

Holyoake Ent.

“How long will this hang with you lamar”
Until we win it all.


I couldn’t even be mad at the game I was just sitting there in shock 😳


    @Anthony Jones here we go, the conspiracy begins


    @Anthony Jones it was the Titans who didn’t allow it

    Gam Gam

    LONGLIVEJUICE samehere


508 yards of offence all by himself. That’s absurd

    Boogie Cousins

    Trev Mac Highest QBR in the league though

    Aj says

    Ret1173 bro afc have the better teams I’m a packers fan and I’m low key scared to face you but afc should whip you either way

    OG Skywalker

    Mitch trubisky had the 3rd highest qbr last year what exactly is your point ?😂😂😂

    Not Available

    A genius its a team game there are 11 other player on the field


Like he said “Get ready for next year”

    Mike Conville

    He’s a bum

    robby morton

    shafta99 : PREACH!!!!💯💯💯💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾, SAY, you seem like My Type Of Guy, “the type of Guy that keeps it A BAND” Regardless, because “We” are cut from a different type of Fabric as most, & don’t HATE 💯💯💯, now i might be Paralyzed & don’t use Vulgar Language, but i get My point across, Yes we all have opinions, & some of y’all may even be BIAS, but if You LOVE Sports the way that i do, then You have to be Happy for, & Proud of this Kid, Especially if Ya knew everything that he has had to endure just to make it to this point in his EARLY, BRIGHT, & TREMENDOUSLY HIGHLY EXPECTATED Future that is ahead of him!!!🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️(.) Also ya have to be Happy for The Baltimore Ravens Fans & Supporters, & the landscape of The NFL, & where it’s headed because of this 1 Young Talented QUARTERBACK, it’s gonna be very interesting & intriguing for years to come Mainly because of “Lamar Jackson” He already has an MVP under his belt, & has the “Floyd Mayweather & LeBron James” Effect, meaning: Whether you are rooting for him or against him, YOU WILL TUNE IN!!! 💯💯💯, And he has that Captivating Presence at only 23 years old & in only his 2nd year!!! 😳😳😳🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️💯💯💯…… #GodBless


    Cmon y’all 2020 wasn’t his year maybe next year 2021… I was just trying to be funny at how many times he said “Let’s get ready for next year” 😂 I’m a Ravens fan since 2013 but they got too cocky this year and that’s why they lost. It always happens to anyone when you get too cocky. Lol.

    Scott Land

    YAY Get ready for a year where You don’t have any guarantees of having a bye and home field advantage through the playoffs.

Enraged Babylon

He’s a class act, humble in the face of defeat.

    Nicole Black

    Gimmick QB. When he has to throw every down, he sucks.

    Niko Bellic

    @455 benchpresser82 english please negroid

    Niko Bellic

    @PoloNoLogo ravens are hot garbage! Haha titans and chiefs in AFC championship

    Niko Bellic

    @Nicole Black big time gimmick. It’s a forced trend. You need smart savvy qbs who can stand in and fire the ball.

Mike johnson

His wife receivers & tight ends failed him he still threw the ball on the target 🎯 but they missed the catches

    Alex Fleming

    @Mike Conville it hit his hands stop exaggerating. You people have been waiting for him to fail just once.

    Mike Conville

    @Alex Fleming he failed at the biggest stage

    Alex Fleming

    @Mike Conville he lost sure but he’s not tackling Derrick Henry. I predict this last week. Titans have a hell of a team. Let’s not act like they aren’t good. I said they were gonna be a problem week 1 when they slapped Cleveland in the face. That team is dangerous and hit the cylinders at the right time. It’s the playoffs you got one game to win.

    Hakeem Bowman


    Daunting Task

    You say his wide receivers and tight ends failed him yet the same thing happened to Brady and you say Brady is too old. Hypocrisy

Dave Miner

This kid Lamar, is the quarterback that winning teams will build their teams around …post 2020. Good luck young man, God speed!

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