Matt Rhule Will Start Working on Defense First | Carolina Panthers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jacob Summers

Hopefully he’s a good coach so we can get back at the playoffs


    hell yes

    Danny Urena

    I hope not. I Want Rhule To b Fired



Sheev Bac

Nice to see DJ, shaq, and CMC are in the facilities even though the season is long over. Wish more players would be though


    they will be the ones to build around . everyone else can GTFO !

    Pressley - the YouTuber formerly known as Vesylum

    It’s not like there aren’t any other players there, he just listed a couple notable players he saw


    @lorndarken And keep Cam, Bradberry, Kuechly, and Samuel.


I have a good feeling about coach rhule. He seems excited which we haven’t seen since 2015. I believe with the right O line and defense and a healthy cam we can win a championship! #KeepPounding

    Jay styles

    Yeah, I do to at least its build interest in the team for next year

    alex vwenz

    What happened w/ Riverboat Ron??? He is now coaching my favorite team.

    Virginia Cavs

    Cam aint staying


We must fire Eric Washington. Change back to our old defensive scheme that had us as a top 5 defense for the previous 5 years before.


    Caudahy Hall Hopefully he runs a 4-3 because 3–4 does not work and it was proven this year. we got murdered. he needs to change it back to the 4–3 which we used to run. He said in the video he does not like the 3-4 defense he prefers a 4-3

    Caudahy Hall

    @cockroachgamer24 I was wrong he said he was going to run the 4-3 featured and on passing down he will line up in the 3-4

    alex vwenz

    Big difference between the conference where they don’t even mention the word defense to the NFL. These rah rah college coaches are going to get their asses handed to them.

    Pressley - the YouTuber formerly known as Vesylum

    Our defense has not been top 5 in anything since 2013….

    Pts-Yds Allowed Rank by Panthers
    2016: 26-21
    2017: 11-7
    2018: 10-19

    Colin Grier

    In case you havent heard, Eric washington was picked up by the Bills yesterday.

Caudahy Hall

He is hinting on they about to clean more house, a little bit


    Caudahy Hall Only guy that is safe on the coaching staff is our RB Coach, Jake Peetz.

    Caudahy Hall

    @cloudlight I don’t like him…he was not like our old RB caoch that we had for a long time


    Caudahy Hall Yeah well Skip was 70 years old. It was time for him to retire. I’m fine with Peetz. He’s young but could very well move up the ranks.

    Caudahy Hall

    @cloudlight oh well got to give him his time then


First : fix O-Line
Second : fire eric washington and old 4-3 defense back

    Will Cooley

    4-3 is kinda dead, its really a 4-2-5, E. Reid is perfect if theres 2 other capable safties in coverage, but they always ignore adding safties for some reason.

    Jay Anderson

    U dumb. Just get a 3-4 coach that can coach it

    GeekdOut PUBG Mobile

    no one wants to admit that the o-line is broke not even the coaches and analysts… only the fans!

    Jay Maines

    Jay Anderson no we don’t need a 3-4. We don’t have the personal for a 3-4

Tavares Potts

They should get Wade Phillips from the Rams to be the defense coach the owner should fire Eric W he is working out of the trashcan to we cant run that same defense we been since the team been in the city its time to change up on defense faster players young on both sides of the field we weak on both sides defense, offensive linemen specialteam,cornerback, receive,tightend,Fullback, SS we need a blessing in that draft in April the panthers for 2020

    Tim S

    He is a good defensive line coach!


    Tavares Potts lol you think wade wants to babysit

    King Hauser

    Philips defense needs dominate man 2 man corners. We dont have that

Jimmy Shelton

Need some new meat.they killing Luke


    And Matt Patricia is killing Stafford right now lol. You guys deserve to win.


— we must address O-Line. Always had poor O-Line. We have not had a dominant Defensive End and our front D-Line and Secondary needs some tweaking!

anthony burris

He sounds like he got an idea..and a plan them Panthers got the right person…he is asking for the players input….

Isaac Punch

Front 7 and OLine should be first

Sam Sule

panthers awful at stopping the run, that’s the way game is played now.
we need to address that first

    King Pickle

    Sam Sule so…. exactly what he said……..

Lewis Szucs

Wow. Smart dude. This could be something. I bought in just now. Imagine him all out.


It’s starts on both of the lines, specifically the O line

Reggie c

Well if he gonna do that he need to reconstruct shaqs contract he ain’t worth half that much….until then he ain’t doing nothing…lol

Domo Santana

Starting to like him more now

Jay Isue

Some things ron never done 🤷🏽‍♂️. Liking my new coach ☺️


Hopefully Brian Burns will get the starting job with Matt Rhule

Chaos A.D.

His bumper sticker says “I Rhule, you drool”


First I’ve heard of him, but I can tell this guy has a great mind for the game.

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