Carolina Panthers Introduce Their New Head Coach Matt Rhule – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
kamryan legree

Lets take 1 day at a time

    Stephen McMahon

    Super Bowl LV 2021

Johnnie Mclean

Hoping he gets gets it tuned around 💪

Steve Cain


Phillmk7 973

Hire Steve Smith as ya wide out coach he is the best fit 4 ya wideout room with DJ and Samuel

    Daniel Gutierrez

    Phillmk7 973 yeah until a rookie can’t run a certain route and he fucks em up 😂

    Man U BeKilling’em

    You a 💯 % right!! Steve Smith will instill toughness, insight, and championship caliber mentality in those guys. Iron sharpens Iron!!

    Travis Avery

    Bring back in 89… it would be so dope to have him back in the locker room

RawB Rob

He sounds more like a preacher then a football coach.


    Than, dumbass


    Didn’t he appear in a car commercial?

    Mike James

    With Judge and Rhule hires it seems execs care more about hiring salesman than football guys. Eric Beinemy may not do as well in press conferences but he’s more prepared to be successful than these two. Studying under Andy Reid’s system for years in the NFL.

    Davy Anonymous

    @stringerFILMS damn straight bro! Rule sounds like a used car salesman preaching. Well maybe somebody running for political office. Joe judge sounds like an NFL coach who means business!

    Clayton Wilhelm

    Lester Nester JOEMOMMA THATS WHO!!!

Sports Pancake

Sad to see this as a Baylor fan but I’m cheering for him in the nfl

    Brandon Deese

    @Ray Cordova Because the Panthers have the richest owner in the NFL and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, even canceled his meeting with the Giants.

    Ray Cordova

    @Brandon Deese huh? That didn’t answer my question at all

    Yael Nunez

    Ray Cordova because he rebuilds franchises and y’all panthers need to rebuild and he is known for rebuilding franchises

    Jerrick Cole

    Come join the KEEP POUNDING nation.

    Jerrick Cole

    David Tepper sound more like a mafia.

Hector Rodriguez

He looks Sharpe in Carolina Panthers Colors

Zach Butts

If he’s half the coach he is a speaker, Matt Rhule’s got my vote. Keep Pounding!

    Jay K

    Zach Butts He is a damn good Coach man. If we didn’t have Doug Peterson I would have wanted Rhule as coach of the Eagles

Rook Bridges

Damn he has me ready to suit up and run through a wall


    Don’t do it, not worth it. Keep pounding🤯🤣

    SaltyBig Harry

    Same I was like damn I gotta go work out now or something 😂

    Casey Graham

    In those of the kind of guys players love to play for play hard for and reach their potential

    Was hoping for this higher and after the press conference it gets my blood running for excitement

    We finally have some aggressive ‘ Play to win’ in our leader ship role now

    Kevon Wang

    #Keeppounding 24 hours a day , 7 days a week.

    Davy Anonymous

    Get ready, he might need you. Can you play quarterback?



teng see

feel like im in church lol

    gmen fan

    Me too Joe judge > Matt rhule

    Clayton Wilhelm

    Y’all need Jesus!!!😂
    But for real I think his dad is a preacher


    Next stop after Carolina: TED talk on the benefits of gluten free foods.


Ready to do communion after that speech!

Darell Hunter

Panthers fans need to be patient with Rhule, because he’ll probably lose alot in year one and two.

    Devin Chapman

    Darell Hunter that’s not gonna happen. They have the players to win now if it doesn’t happen he is gone in two years without a playoff appearance

Hugo Next Up

He is a damn good speaker I’ll give him that can’t wait for next season already

    Bobby Hill

    Meh…. Judge’s presser was way light yrs ahead.

    Jerrick Cole

    That speech make me want to play for him.

Man U BeKilling’em

Steve Smith added to staff working with our young WR’s will instill toughness, insight, and championship caliber mentality in those guys. Iron sharpens Iron!!

Billy Vice

He sounds like he needs to be in Church !!

    Jerrick Cole

    I feel like I were in church.

Steve Mcking

This guy could have a fleet of mega churches lol

Spare Tharod

Sounds like he going into this with a college coach mentality. Good luck with that.

    Cesar Galvez

    What do u mean guy


This looks more like the buddy program than anything else.

The Collector J-RUSS

He’s gonna be an incredible coach for a long time

    Bobby Hill

    Better be for $60 mil 😬

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