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Matt Campau

Understand the talent available on defense. You can’t ask your DBs to cover for 10 seconds with a three man rush!

Daniel Martin

Fire the DC

    Austin KeepsitReal

    He is the DC


To bad we can’t draft a new head coach at pick 3. You were handed a 9-7 team. You didn’t need to rebuild just add-on. Do us all a favor and quit.

Jerry W

We can improve by unloading this fake head coach but no Quinn likes him. The Lions will become the Patriots, just without the titles and wins. This franchise is the longest running joke of the NFL.

Kong Fuzi

Defensive genius my arse. Bye Felicia! Bye!


Lions need a new GM and new coaching in order to improve their situation.

    JayyCee4 !!

    Bob Quinn stays and matty p can go

    elleph vonghet

    @JayyCee4 !! neither Martha Ford needs to sell the team!

    InFo Music

    They need new OWNERSHIP!

    Austin KeepsitReal

    Why? The players he’s brought in suck

Critical Thinker presents the Critical Thinking Chronicles

Go Detroit Lions👍🏾🏈. A good game with honest officiating to boot! The Lions are still the better team.

Itinerant Patriot

Been following this club for close to 50 years and this guy is the coach I despise the most. Just f*&cking go away will ya.

Damien Lucio Official Youtube Page

one thing I hate is when a coach just won’t come out and say something. Try saying, ”Our defensive coordinator didn’t do well at all so we are getting rid of him”.


As much as I wanted us to beat Green Bay so they didn’t get home field advantage, losing gave us the 3rd draft pick which is more important for us to improve for next year. I hope we get chase young. Our pass rushing this year was absolutely terrible and gave qbs and wrs so much time to plays. Chase young being an outside rusher could make a HUGE impact for our defense next year and would help our secondary out as well. Fingers crossed Washington doesn’t get him.


Patricia quit being so vague for once and say it how it really it, show some emotions. The fans need to see it.

Austin KeepsitReal

The reasons that he & Quinn give the audience that this team is making progress are irrelevant. “The guys were happy when players came back from IR” is that the reason your defense is last in the NFL? Truth is these guys are still here because the fords don’t want to look for a coach and these guys had 2 years left on their contract

barry crawford

Stanpoint – got a lot of that


Says never accept losing. Yet you lost nearly every game, lost the locker room.

Matt Campau

Patricia’s dream defense: 11 linebackers who are born without knees and drop them all into pass coverage.

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