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Bob Quinn on 2019 Season | Detroit Lions

General Manager Bob Quinn talks to the media about building roster depth in the 2020 draft and talks about the 2019 season outcome.

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Brandon Epperson

Whats up with the glitches in the video?

    Lee Marsh

    I thought my phone was screwing up lol

    Kevin Nixon

    The camera’s hardware can’t handle all the bullshit coming out of Quinn’s mouth.

    king midus

    We’re in the Matrix…..

Matt Campau

Quick summary: This season sucked.

    Der Goes Mobby

    Matt Campau I second this analytical assessment

Christian Everett

Well this made me excited for next season. Also that was sarcasm.

Matthew Mrocca



    Nah we need Brown or Simmons


    TeeGrizzleyBear we need an edge rusher so bad, chase young is a beast


I was going to make a joke about drafting a long snapper, but Muhlbach might retire so we might actually have to get a new long snapper lol


2019 was another wasted season. Same Old Lions.


    J T well once stafford got hurt what else would anyone expect? I think it shows how valuable he is and how good of a qb he is. Plus we had like 18 other starters that were injured. We need chase young to get our front 4 going, they were terrible this year. All the qbs had so much time which let receivers eventually get open.

    Andre The Giant

    @BEN DIESEL there was over 20 players on IR at one point thats ridiculous i dont care what anyone says

    J T

    @Andre The Giant Let me tell you something, brother.
    The amount of players on IR are due to the patriot way being lionized. Bob Quinn brought in all the problems afflicting New England and none of the success (trainers, nutritionists, medical staff, coaches, overpaid underachievers, etc). This lionized patriot way has destroyed the team and set them back from 9-7 for at least a decade.
    But you just wait until next season. Keep spending your money for the show, because all Stafford needs is his back to get better and all Kerryon Johnson needs is help. And Darius Slay just needs a pass rush (more help in order to look like he at least knows how to play CB).


The editing quality of this video matches the play of the team perfectly




    Julius Caesar

    Could not have stated it better!!! Personally, I think it was done purposefully. But they made it so obvious which is what really pissed me off.

Anthony Catanzaro

They need to focus on a super aggressive defensive line


    Anthony Catanzaro hopefully Washington passes on chase young and we get him. He could totally change our defense

Fr Gil

Thanks for Diggs, the 12s appreciate it

    Beer Elderman

    He’s a great dude, Lions have a problem with outspoken players in the locker room. It’s not fair what happened to him, and it obviously killed our morale. I’m happy to see him get a playoff opportunity now though. Always loved Quan. Birds stand up!

    Andre The Giant

    Happy to see diggs with a better team. Wish him nothing but the best

    Andre The Giant

    Get a super bowl for my guy β˜πŸ’― yall can beat the 49ers

ken Frederick



I’m physically sick listening to this buffoon. Thinks he’s Belichick when he’s really Millen.

    Scott McClellan

    based on what exactly? your “EXPERT? opinion posted on the internet from your phone while you are on the clock at your $10 hr job NOT giving your boss his money’s worth?


    Belichick is a cheater, I’ll give Quinn props for getting Marvin Jones and drafting golloday.

    Eureka Opium

    They’ve got three wins LOL!!!!

    Andre The Giant

    @Scott McClellan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Kevin Nixon

*SPOILER ALERT:* He’s going to draft another tight end.

Itinerant Patriot

I can’t help but think of Joe Pesci’s opening remarks to the jury “Everything that guy just said is bullshit…thank you.”

On a more personal note; Hey Quinn, “F*&ck You”…without the thanks. That’s all.

Mommy Dolly

Hey everyone look it’s Howdy Doody… it’s Howdy Doody Time he’s such a genius he drafted Kenny golladay right slappys 😁 oh well i guess I’m a hater right well I’d rather be a hater than a Slappy who is stuck in neutral

Eureka Opium

I only understood “Hum”, what else did he say?


The detroit 3 and outs.60 yrs of being lionized.

Vanette Starks

The Detroit Lions coach has no pride or he would resign

jason R

Take a shot of wiskey everytime he. Says um

Joshua Wentzel

Sorry to hear about Marvin Jones son! Gone too early. Prayers for the jones family

rocko p

They should of told him 9-7 is good enough when you’re 3-12-1

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