Matt Patricia on coaching 2020 Senior Bowl – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
JJ Montero

Let’s hope we take advantage of this and find some great players for the draft! DetroitVSeveryone

Boogaloo Shrimp


Bernard Brooks

Once you get into football mode you win 3 games a year! Genius pure genius!

Joey Snow1

Coach, you BET NOT have them young fellas out there running 3-2-6/3-4 hybrid BS lol

Found Scott

In other words, “we won 3 games and they make the worse teams HC from both conferences coach this game. Oh, and the new DC will play man to man and rush 4, thx for asking.”


He will be fired next season

Alan Dempsey

So much inexperience. Only the Lions would Fire a 2 time super bowl coach in Caldwell, with the highest win Pct. in Lions history to hire a ROOKIE head coach who has never been a head coach at any level. Stupidity.
Let me be the Damn GM. Incompetence comes at all levels of society.

Erick Dorsey

How about Patricia learn how to coach, i can’t do another year with this loser this will be year 47 2020 season.
There were 15,000 empty seats at one game that over 1,000,000+ dollar loss, i would never buy a ticket again to watch this coach not coach!
I don’t have anything good to say!


Did he say our defensive philosophy will change week to week? So what is his actual defensive philosophy? If he doesn’t even know. We are doomed! Fire them both now! Please hire Ozzy Mewsome the old Baltimore ravens general manager. He definitely would turn us around. I wish they would just dump the whole change the culture mantra. Start a new culture. Get rid of everything. New colors, logo, and stadium. But that will never happenClick,

Brightmoe GD

Its hard to keep a straight face while watching the news and listening to Mat talk about Stafford being healthy next season. Knowing their going to flunk out again.
This year I made a change. I am betting against the Lions almost on every game. See if I pick up money. I’d would have been rich last season.

Combat Sack

3 mins before he used his most nauseating phrase. Maybe he’s learning


This guy’s one more year away from a coordinator job.


Maybe he’ll run is top notch prevent Defense the whole game like he does with the Lions 😐

Jason DetroitRockCity

Does anyone actually trust this clown? He’s the laughing stock of coaches in Detroit and theres not a shortage of that here in Michigan.


Media: Hey Matt, any positive takeaways from todays loss in the senior bowl?
Patrica: Look our guys fought hard, Im not going to sit up here and give excuses. We had 21 players on IR.

R Court

First regular season game—-Lions go up 7 on a pick six and then get blown out by a rookie QB…It’s been downhill since. Please die Martha!

whats up America

Boring…..coaching a college senior bowl…….

Bryan Adams

Watch Javon Kinlaw…watch him close, you hear me? #TradeDownPickKinlaw👍🏻

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