Matt Nagy: Roquan Smith to IR with torn pec – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
JP Bear Down Fam!

Well wishes and prayer for Mr. Smith’s speedy and timely recovery. Go Bears! GSH! Bear Down Fam!

Scott Mayfield

you know what’s funny about Smith and Trevathan, according to Pro Football Focus, Kwiatkowski is the Bears highest graded Linebacker this season, Smith and Trevathan are in the 60s and Kwiatkowski is in the 80s, bottom line Kwiatkowski has been the Bears best Linebacker this season, and deserves a contract, Bears should let Trevathan walk


    Kwiatkowski Is solid but he hasn’t played a full year starting. He has potential and I hope he continues the good play but pro football focus are jokes, I stopped looking at them for info a year ago. They flip-flop and back track on everything

    Verdin 2020

    Scott Mayfield pff is a joke

    Horn Playz

    Kwit is good but PFF is a joke


    Kwiakowski is playing for a roster spot.


    Scott Mayfield PFF is a joke lmao

cam k

Bear down

Emperor Penguin



We are toast guys. And the Rams won a game they weren’t supposed to. I have them finishing 10-6 I have Vikings finishing 10-6. If we win out we get tie break over Vikings not the Rams. For next year if we are keeping Mitch let’s get a quality backup to push him, hell I would even get Kap, he costs peanuts and has better legs than mitch. No excuses for pace and Naggy. Naggy didn’t have this team ready at the beginning of the year. And his stubbornness cost us until he finally got the message

    Scott Mayfield

    the Rams play the saints and Niners, will finish 9 and 7 it will come down to Vikings Bears for 10 and 6 finish

    Scott Mayfield

    Kap’s career completion percentage is below 60, not good, Mitch’s is 64 much better, Kap is a pedestrian passer at best

    Cornelius Squalls

    I agree 110%! If Nagy doesn’t run the ball 25 to 30x against the Packers with Montgomery and Ryan Nall, no Tarik, then he should be fired for malfeasance! C’MON coach we can win out if you don’t get too cute!

    OG Skywalker

    The rams already played the saints this year dumbass and the rams won they play the 9ners cardinals and cowboys

    I'm Awesome

    @Scott Mayfield Rams play the cowboys and niners. After seeing that cowboy team, Rams will probably win

Sports 311

That’s a huge blow to our defense

    youngblak Wall Street

    Yes it is but its just a minor setback setup for a major comeback

    Free Bird

    Thanks captain obvious.


    Pierre louis


Let Trevathan walk, he’s been a shadow of himself since he joined us since the Broncos, Roquan is the next evolution, give Trevathans contract to Kwiatkowski who has earned it

    Nathan Spratley

    Trevathan has been one of the best middle linebackers in the league for several years what are you on about.

    Mr MT

    @Nathan Spratley Rubbish, what we won with him? nothing! he was one of best middle linebackers with the Broncos, he come to us for his last pay check, he’s been a massive disappointment

    Horn Playz

    Mr MT how is it his fault we havent won anything??

Yevgenia Schmidt

Hope the best for 58.but this video making me sleepy

Block Head

Any updates on javon wims injury?


    Slight ankle sprain probably back in lineup next week

    Block Head

    @BLACK BOII good news 👍

I'm Awesome

Needed the Vikings and Rams to lose. Bears could go 10-6 and still not make the playoffs.


    And cowboys make it at 7-9…

    Emperor Penguin

    @TopShot501st i cant believe im saying this but i want DEM BOYZ to win.

Yoshibro 456

Wims is injured as well


Stay strong til the Finish! 🐻⬇

Terrel Ada

Roquan Smith is out for the Season!! With a torn pec an it will take atlease 3months to heel!! Prayers go out to Roquan Smith take care yourself Brother!!

Mawy Wawy

Take my tiddy roquan! 😭😭😭

Danny Schellin

I love that message, “None of that help stuff matters if we don’t win”. Damn straight coach. Go focus and win the games in front of you

Lui Franco



Bring back Kevin white!!

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