Akiem Hicks: I just love to play good football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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GG Chaney Reply

I miss this guy

    willl 88 Reply

    he is a character man…love this guy

Verdin 2020 Reply

The defense has definitely not been the same without him

    willl 88 Reply


    Kyle Woodward Reply

    You got that right man!

    Lamuel J Sackson Reply

    Yup the defense plays with so much more passion and ferocity

    yshd hshs Reply


Emperor Penguin Reply

Come back and rip aarons head off

    willl 88 Reply


    willl 88 Reply

    wish i could give this 100000 up votes

    BlackSapphireE90 Reply


jdls762 Reply

Glad you’re back, we’ve needed you!

CollinsK85 Reply

GO BEARS!!! 🏈 🐻

Rebecca Jackson Reply

Yeah right on time

diffuse Reply

That Packers offense is going to run into a buzzsaw. I can’t wait.

Vintage Parlour Reply

Alright we got Hicks back! Come on guys. Beat Rodgers up!

OG knucklehead Reply

Bears Nation trust me it’s still hope it just they have to win every single game guarantee a playoff spot….

nick3159 Reply

Let’s go !

Sam H Reply

Finally the real bear is back!

youngblak Wall Street Reply

Im praying for Roquan smith to get well soon 110% come back strong minor setback set-up for a major comeback i wanna see somebody heavy hard shine and make a name for themselves im glad to see Akiem hicks back and danny trevathan coming back is what the Chicago bears defense needs

    Megatronprime2007 Reply

    That Kevin dude number 57 did pretty good he was all over the place when Roquan was out hope he is this week vs Garbage Bay Packers

JP Bear Down Fam! Reply

Go Bears! GSH! Bear Down Fam!

yshd hshs Reply

Sooo excited. Welcome back Mr. Hicks!!🐻🖕🏻⬇

Freddy Krewga Reply

Bone Crusher is back

Adam Wicks Reply

But with Hicks back. I expect the run defense to go wayyyyy up with Hicks back out there as well as the pass rush. Our LBS have to make up for the absence of Trevathan and Smith

Zman3185 Reply

Destroy Rodgers ! End his career!

Amahd Cole Reply

Welcome back lets see of we can get a win

Roc Boyz Reply

Hicks is gonna Ball out against the Packers

Terron Miles Reply

I say he’s the face of the franchise I love him lol

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