Marshal Yanda: Not in the Retirement Frame of Mind at Pro Bowl | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Sang Nguyen

Marshall Yanda is awesome I hope he does come back

Barry Mckockiner

lets goo!

Cardinals 73

Truly a legend


Love you Yanda❤️💜


1 more year yanda please

Ben Valenzuela

Marshal Yanda is going to be the Brett Favre of guards

Jake Giroux

I have a good feeling he might come back for 1 more year! Not saying he is but he’s an awesome guy and he’s a great leader for an offensive line and it’s a 50/50

Khiliq Pullen

Let’s goo

Will Hunter

Unfinished business


Yanda is my favorite player of all time


It’s like they _want_ him to retire. Wasn’t even brought up until everybody started asking him about retiring for literally no reason.

Cheryl Nelson

One word “STAY”

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