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Marlon Mack & Colts Drive Downfield to Take the Lead

A Jaguars late hit on a key 3rd down keeps the drive alive, resulting in a 5-yard touchdown run from Marlon Mack. The Indianapolis Colts take on the Jacksonville Jaguars during Week 17 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Dareal RThiefM34


randum kid

If u see this u have eyes ….. i now its crazy

    ESPN On YouTube

    randum kid daddy?


    randum kid It’s awkward how you edited this comment.

    Brian Watts

    How old are you….?

    randum kid

    I forgot the word eye this espn kid is hella weird

The Gamer

8th like

    Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan.

    Yup no one cares

Yo Yo

The jaguars need to move to another galaxy. They’re the most embarrassing team to watch


    Frosty31 facts bro because the did start 5-2 now look at em Lmaoo


    @AYO VAR lol yep…

    AllThe Smoke

    Damn but y’all just lost to us….


    Ok buddy I don’t think so


    @AllThe Smoke what position do you play


Crazy how all the games on right now are complete garbage

    Devyn Yates

    Ravens and Steelers is good

    Kyrie Irving

    Devyn Yates Ravens, without Lamar

William Mize

Tom coughlin what’s going on in Jacksonville fla?

Aarav Dubal

The colts need another quarterback. Before any Colts fans dislike this comment or give it a bad review, know that I am a colts gan


    @Kyrie Irving well who praises quitters

    Aarav Dubal

    Jacoby is good but he won’t being us to playoffs

    Aarav Dubal

    @Kyrie Irving No one likes quitters. And by the way. You probably liked the Cavs then the Celtics and now you like the Nets

    Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan.

    @Aarav Dubal do you think we should get yannick nguckway. Or however you spell it

    Kyrie Irving

    Aarav Dubal I’m a Kyrie fan so what u think🤦🏾‍♂️

bruce lau

Embarrassing by the Jacksonville jags

Ryan Flanagan



I wish the Colts didn’t choke the 2and half of the season.

Captain Everyman

Should Eberflus be back next season?

    Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan.

    Its not his fault. I mean there is questionable things but still

    Mingo The Poet

    Captain Everyman hell no

Tim Rhinehart

Spend some dam money

Tee Tao

Thank you Mack you saved my fantasy season

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